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Another big player in the world of promotional marketing, the keyring (and all it's variations) is diverse, practical and durable. With the right product choice and the right branding, your company’s branded keyring can last for a long time, giving you repeat impressions galore and ensuring you’re always in front of your clients. Check out our range of more than 400 custom keyrings below...


Keyrings: a multitude of promotional applications

It’s true. Keyrings are great for corporate gifts, events or giveaways at shows. Have a business that deals with keys? Brand up a range of custom keyrings designed for your company, so clients can keep their keys together and organised! Putting on or exhibiting at an expo or trade show? Make sure you’ve got a keyring to go in your goody bag or as a stand freebie.

With a range of types, styles, colours and materials, our branded keyrings give you an endless possibility of options, and if you can’t find a keyring that meets your requirements then get in touch - we’re experts at finding the right product for your marketing campaign, however big or small.  Being a budget promotional item, often bought in bulk, Fluid can source printed logo keyrings at a very competitive price, making them very effective low cost promotional product to promote your brand in the advertising or marketing industry.

Custom trolley coin keyrings

Trolley coins are still a very useful and versatile promotional item, popular with charity and for non-profit organisations (along with many other industry types). There are a wide variety of budget and premium options available, there’s a great range of eco friendly printed keyrings too.  Our branded trolley coin keyrings come with a variety of printing options, including laser engraving, full colour print, digital printing and pad printing.

Printing budget keyrings and keychains

A keyring is not just a keyring these days. Just keeping your keys together is so last year.

Fluid keyrings and keychains have a much wider variety of functions or uses, including lights, magnifiers, measuring tapes, whistles, spirit levels and bottle openers to name but a few.  The ad loop keyring is a typical type of keyring which is very popular in the promotion industry, and being made of flexible plastic will mean it doesn’t leave scratches or marks on any paintwork.  On the whole, whatever keyring you are looking for - metal, plastic, leather or multi function - our team will be sure to help you find the perfect product for your marketing campaign.

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Ask our trained Merchandise Consultants and they'll help you choose the perfect products for your campaign.