Sourcing & Bespoke Products

Lightning strikes. You’ve had that perfect idea. But you have no idea how it can be done. Enter Fluid Branding. We can offer you the expertise to make your concept a reality with our dedicated team specialising in sourcing and bespoke products.

Your merchandise, your way

It’s all about what you need. From USBs and electronics to clothing and accessories, ecological goods and bespoke, handcrafted promotional merchandise - we can provide it all, alongside an assurance of quality, speed and compliance.

The entire process is handled by our team of experts. That means you can rest easy, knowing that you’re getting the best service possible - from start to finish.

Far East sourcing - from concept to completion

It’s no secret - we all know that China is the home of affordable production.

What you might not know is that here at Fluid, we’ve developed an international team of experts that specialise in simplifying the process of Chinese sourcing - bringing affordable professionalism to your doorstep, wherever you may be.

Our process couldn't be more simple. Let’s break it down:

  1. Concept: Have a specific product in mind? Or just a wild idea? Just get in touch to kick things off - we’d love to hear your ideas, and we’re pretty good at coming up with them, too!
  2. Spec & Design: This is where your idea starts to take shape. We’ll work closely with you to figure out every detail of your new product - making sure we’re all on the same page from day one.
  3. Sourcing: Here’s where our expertise really comes into play; using our existing knowledge, we can go directly to the producers of your merchandise. This way, we not only ensure you’re getting the best price possible internationally, but that only the best suppliers in the business get the chance to work on your project.
  4. Feedback: How's the price? Are the materials we're using the same as your vision? Does it look like you expected? Let us know - we'll always do our best to adapt to your suggestions.
  5. Sample: Need just one USB to ensure it's the same as your existing product? Or an entirely new prototype to show to investors? Sometimes you need to lay hands on a sample, just to make sure it’s exactly right. Either way, let us show you what your final product is going to look like!
  6. Production: Whether you need 200 or 2,000,000 units, we’ll follow your product every step of the way to ensure each and every one is ready for you - where, when and just as you expect it.
  7. Testing & Compliance: Trust us - we know how important legal compliance and international standards are when it comes to merchandise. That’s why every order is analysed, tested and produced according to all relevant rules and regulations. It takes the risk out of the process, so you can relax. We’re on it.
  8. Shipping: Whether it needs to be couriered, air freighted or placed on board ship, we’ll find the best fit for your needs in combination with our experienced logistics partners to make sure your order gets exactly where you need it - right on time.
  9. Completion: And there you have it. Your goods - wherever, whenever, and however you need them. Simple as that!

You’ve got the ideas. We’ve got the resource, the experience, and the ability.

Let’s do this.