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Promotional Giveaways

Never underestimate the power of a freebie! This collection of promotional merchandise has been selected because they’re perfect for giveaways in goody bags, events, incentives or marketing campaigns...

Promotional Badges, Bookmarks and Stickers

Smaller giveaway items are often used as part of a larger campaign - in gift bags at an event or promotion, but they’re equally as effective given out to clients on their own as well. The key to gaining the maximum ROI on branded merchandise such as this is to be fun and/or useful. These promo products are much more likely to be retained if they offer some kind of use, and make your customers smile. Why not try a button badge with a snappy slogan and your company logo? Or a classic branded bookmark that helps your customers when they’re relaxing? These positive emotions go a long way when it comes to customer retention.

Branded Keyrings, Magnets and Logo Bugs

Keyrings work great as promotional products - and they’re much more likely to be retained by your customers if they’re useful in some other way too. Consider branding a keylight torch, or printing your campaign details on a bottle opener keyring.

Magnets are also brilliant promo items. A printed magnetic memo board, or simply your logo and contact details on a fridge magnet can become a super useful way for your customers to keep your contact details handy.

...and who doesn’t want a furry, fuzzy friend to stick on just about whatever they want? Branded logo bugs come in all kinds of shapes and colours, with custom themes available to match your industry too. Match them to your brand colours with your contact details printed on the ribbon, and spread the furry joy!

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