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Printed Badges

Whether you need bespoke badges as a promotional giveaway, or company name badges for an exhibition, conference or event, we’ve got loads to choose from. Excellent quality is a given, and our prices are competitive too. Check out the range of badges below...

Bespoke Badge Printing

We’ve got a variety of custom printed badges such as pin badges, button badges and name badges. We can print your ID badges for conferences, and those specifically for use with lanyards; we can provide your branded lanyards too or course! At Fluid we also print or embroider badges for organisations from sports clubs and teams to schools and charities.

Badge printing can be tailored to your organisation's requirements - they come in all shapes and sizes and really work well for corporate branding purposes. Whether used to promote a message or campaign as a giveaway, or for identifying members of staff at an event or function, promotional name badges can help to present a highly professional appearance.

Button Badge Printing

Button badges make a fun giveaway item as part of a wider campaign, appealing to children in particular. They are designed to get your message out there, and best of all, they are a low cost item of merch, making them phenomenally good value. Branded button badges are mostly digitally printed in full colour, and come with a safety pin fitting. Some are made from recycled plastic, so you can rest assured of their environmentally responsible credentials.

Custom Pin Badges

If you need something with superior durability, pin badges are an excellent alternative. They are often made in metal, and can be brightly coloured with enamel, photo etching or high quality print. In fact, bespoke pin badges often become collectibles. We supplied the Mobile World Congress with over 200,000 Android pins in approximately 80 different designs, and delegates were falling over each other to acquire their next badge!

Company Name & ID Badges

We offer a variety of badges for companies looking for corporate, bespoke name badges. These badges in metal or plastic are printed in full colour and feature your logo as well as individual names. If commitment to corporate social responsibility is high on your agenda, you can fill that need in the knowledge that most of our company name badges are made from recycled materials, and use recycled packaging too. Look out for the ‘Eco Product’ tags!

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