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Product of the Month: November

Every month, we choose a product that stands out above the rest that we think will be great for your campaigns and promotions. This month's choice is no different...

This month: LED Multi Charging Cable

FREE Origination throughout November

This stylish charging cable just raised the bar for multi-charging accessories! Featuring a bright LED logo that turns on when your charger is plugged in, they're a sure-fire way to help your brand stand out from the rest.

Available in six colours, they're the all-in-one solution for electronics on the go. The cable features USB-C, Micro-USB and lightning adapters, so your clients need never get caught without power again.

We love this product so much we've named it our Product of the Month for November! To celebrate, we're offering FREE ORIGINATION for any orders placed between 1st & 30th November 2017!

ILO Cable
ILO Cable
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