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Product of the Month: August

Every month, we choose a product that stands out above the rest that we think will be great for your campaigns and promotions. This month's choice is no different...

Variable Printed Sticky Notes & Tags Combi Set

Often overlooked, but a fantastic little marketing opportunity - these post it notes and page tag combi sets are a great way to keep your brand on a client's desk at all times. They're thin enough to fit in an envelope too, so direct mailing is no problem.

However, the even more fantastic thing about these ones, is that you can print a something different on each page of the sticky note book! That's up to 25 different messages - just think of the applications! You could list a different service your company offers on each page, bung in some inspirational quotes, even sell some ad space!

Save up to 20%

We love these variable print sticky note and tag combis, so we've named them our Product of the Month for August 2018. To make it even better for you (we love you as well), we've frozen the price at the same rate as the non-variable print. That means that you'll only pay the rate of having one thing printed on each page, when you can actually print up to 25 different messages. That's a saving of up to 20% - what a deal!

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Variable Printed Sticky Notes & Tags Combi Set
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