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Product of the Month: February

Every month, we choose a product that stands out above the rest that we think will be great for your campaigns and promotions. This month's choice is no different...

Xoopar Octopus Booster

Small in size and big in usefulness and versatility, the Octopus has long been a promotional favourite with its unique design and multi-charging capabilities. Well now, let us introduce the next generation in charging cables - The Octopus Booster. Still boasting all the same useful cables, this new cephalopod-on-the-block features a built-in powerbank, so you can say goodbye to those battery emergencies, even when you’re away from a power source!


Free Origination

We’re so excited about the launch of this new product, we’ve named it our Product of the Month! And because we love you, we’re giving you FREE ORIGINATION from 250 units on the Booster throughout February.

Talk to your account manager today to discuss your branding requirements, and give your brand the boost it deserves this February...

Product of the Month
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Terms & Conditions:
Free Origination offer valid for Octopus Booster Powerbank & Charging Cable in black or white (SKUs 1287834205, 1287834206 & 1287834207). Valid on orders of 250 units or over. Offer valid between 01/02/2019 to 28/02/2019.


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