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Product of the Month: June

Every month, we choose a product that stands out above the rest that we think will be great for your campaigns and promotions. This month's choice is no different...

Your favourite sweets in an eco friendly packaging!

Introducing the eco block bottom bag

A product with great taste and good for the environment!

Delight your customers with this sweet treat giveaway featuring confectionary favourites such as mints, skittles and chocolate eggs, these delicious sweets are packaged in an eco-friendly packaging.

Give your customers a sweet treat and we’ll give you a sweet offer!

Throughout June – Place an order for the Eco Block Bottom bag filled with your favourite sweets and we’ll give you FREE ORIGINATION*.

A simply delicious idea for your next campaign!

Product of the Month
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Terms & Conditions:
*Offer valid on the Eco Block Bottom Bag (SKU 1287840770), sweets include Mint imperials, Jelly beans, Jolly beans, Skittles, Millions, Kalfany fruit gums, Foiled eggs, Speckled eggs, Beanies. Offer Valid from 01/06/2019 to 30/06/2019.

Eco Friendly Promotions

Help the fight against plastic in our oceans with this recycled cotton tote bag...

Newchurch Recycled Cotton Tote

An award winning sustainable shopper bag

New to the market, the Newchurch Recycled Cotton Tote bag made waves at 2019's Merchandise World Annual Awards, winning Gold in the Eco Product of the Year category. Made completely from recycled materials (75% recycled cotton from offcuts and waste, and 25% recycled PET from plastic bottles), it really is the ideal choice for a sustainable shopping bag for your promotions.

Every bag sold helps our oceans

We're proud to say that for every Newchurch Bag sold, 5% of the bag cost will go directly to Plastic Oceans*. Plastic Oceans is a fantastic charity set up to help combat ocean plastic, and raise awareness around the subject.

Talk to our sales team today to get a quote, and give your brand (and the ocean) the eco boost it deserves...

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Plastic Oceans

* 5% of the cost of the bag. Doesn't include printing costs or carriage.


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