Branded Travel Adapters

We’ve all taken a trip abroad only to realise that we’ve forgotten to pack a travel adapter – then there’s the last-minute mad scramble around the shops to find one. Fluid Branding can make that a thing of the past and help increase your brand awareness at the same time.

Our branded travel adapters are the perfect giveaway at conferences; they let your potential customers and clients connect to electrical outlets around the world and leave a positive and lasting impression of your brand.

Help Your Clients

With the right type of adapter, your clients will be able to use their electric devices worldwide without any hiccups. It’s the perfect combination of having the right product at the right time. Imagine you’re in that situation, struggling to charge your phone abroad. You’d remember the brand that saved the day, wouldn’t you?

You can brand your travel adapter so that it fits in with your unique style. Our marketing professionals are happy to help, so let us know your requirements and we’ll get started.

Personalise Your Product

At Fluid Branding, we pride ourselves in supplying products that serve a purpose. After all, helpful items are so much more memorable.

Our wide range of products covers everything you need when travelling, including the little things that always get forgotten such as adapters, fans, travel wallets and toiletries. Delight your customers by giving them useful travel accessories branded with your logo. The branding can be as subtle or as bold as you want.

For more information on our range of Branded Travel Adapters see details above or call us on 0345 634 2935.