The 2022 Fluid Branding Brochure

The go-to promotional desk pack your brand needs

Our colourful brochure is bursting with the latest trends, ideas and inspiration for your promotions, helping you choose the best available products for your campaigns.

Cram-packed full of everything from pens and mugs to clothing and sustainable eco products, it's all in our 2022 Promo Products Brochure (and then some!). It's got everything you need for fantastic branding inspiration and merchandise ideas that are hand picked by our experts who know which products pack the best promotional punch.

Want something to make your business stand out from the crowd at your next event? We're confident you'll find it here. You can download the brochure directly to your computer, or if you want a nice glossy physical copy, we'll send it out to you completely free of charge! 

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House of Inspiration 2022

There’s nothing quite like receiving a gift, especially one that you didn’t expect. Create a connection between your company and its loyal customers with The House of Inspiration.

Featuring world-renowned retail brands, with plenty of sustainable, planet-friendly alternatives and options to suit numerous current themes, you're bound to find the right gift in here.

Just pop your details into the form and we'll send you your free brochure today. 

Download the House of Inspiration Brochure

More Than Gifts 2022

Looking for promotional merchandise, that's a little more responsible? Look no further than More Than Gifts - our brochure dedicated to sustainability, recycling and reutilisation.

With a growing need to support social and responsible production, this gifting collection features brands that aid to reduce landfill waste whilst making a big impression on your customers.

Just pop your details into the form and we'll send you your free brochure today. 

Download the More Than Gifts Brochure

Tech Products 2022

Choosing the right Tech products for your next big campaign can be a bit of a challenge, that’s why we’ve got the latest high tech merchandise altogether in one handy brochure just for you!

Browse the best of the bunch inside with plenty of portable, brandable and eco-friendly options. If you’re in the tech industry or just love a good gadget, this one's for you! 

Just pop your details into the form and we'll send you your free brochure today.

Download the Tech Products Brochure