Merchandise Stores

We know that being a successful brand is about much more than being recognised and selling a shedload of product. There’s an awful lot to consider - strategic partnerships, multi-office coordination, dealerships, franchises, brand policing…

That’s why we set up Merchandise Stores. They’re designed to take the headaches out of all of the above, and much more besides. To us, they’re a game changer. They just work. And they’re a solution that’ll make you wonder how you ever coped without one.

Okay - but what is a Merchandise Store?

Simply put, a Merchandise Store is the answer to those corporate brand headaches faced by so many. It’ll offer online ordering systems, brand policing, lower costs, and real-time management reporting - giving you much needed insight and control over the products carrying your brand.

At the heart of it all sits your Product Portal - the one place you and your teams can go to get all of your branded goods. We’ve spent a long time speaking with clients and developing features that offer benefits to you, and we’re super proud of what we’ve come up with.

They offer things like:

  • Convenience & Control: Secure online merchandise order portals are at the heart of your management system, providing convenience and control over your entire organisation's activity.
  • Cost Reduction: By purchasing all your promotional items from one trusted online products programme, you can benefit from economies of scale, helping reduce individual unit costs.
  • Brand Protection: We oversee the product selection, sourcing and manufacture of all items. This ensures that product quality and branding consistently and accurately reflect your brand values.
  • Shorter Lead Times: Via an optional stocked/warehoused scheme you are able to dramatically reduce the lead times of your promotional items from order to delivery.
  • Bespoke Management Reporting: The corporate merchandise programme come with built-in management reports help you to monitor and control all stock, delivery, re-order and usage, including merchandise spend and the most popular products.
  • A Dedicated Merchandise Consultant: Your experienced, dedicated merchandise consultant will deal with all of your questions and problems and make sure you get the answers that you need, when you need them. They’ll also offer guidance on selecting the right products for your brand, and suggest new merchandise based on the latest trends.
  • Multi-territory Fulfilment: Not only do we have experts in multi-territory logistics, warehousing and tracking, our service also comes with multi-currency and multi-language options.

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