Case Study: Nido


Nido - Established in 2007 the Nido Collection is an international property management company spanning four countries. Nido Living offer living spaces designed to create communities that value wellness and sustainability, whilst making the most of living in a new city and making new friends.

Products Used:

Dovi Recycled Plastic Lunch Box, 20mm Recycled PET Lanyard, Impact Aware Recycled Cotton Tote 145G, Celuk Bamboo Cutlery Set, Write Responsible Pen, Bamboo Toothbrush Multi Coloured Head, Circular&Co Recycled Now Cup 340 ml

Target Market/Industry:

Student Accommodation / Real Estate

The Brief:

Nido Living was looking to provide branded check-in packs for their clients who were moving into their accommodation premises across Europe. 

They wanted the product packs to focus on sustainability but also to be of excellent quality. 

They were looking for a partner to handle the whole order, hold the stock in the UK and Europe and then ship it to each of their accommodation locations across Europe for selected dates. These included the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands.

The Challenge:

Sourcing sustainable, high-quality branded products that could be ordered in very niche volumes. Arranging the collation, warehousing and logistics across multiple European countries for delivery exactly on time and to budget.

The Solution:

This is where our Merchandise Consultant Ben Trim comes in to save the day! This is what we do! 

After lots of discussions with the client and lots of sustainable product suggestions and sampling, a range of considered and sustainable merchandise was selected. 

After production, we arranged for the products to be shipped to both our UK and EU warehouses, ready for rollout across all of Nido Living’s European locations, on time, on brief and to budget.

The Results:

All of the carefully selected products were successfully shipped and delivered on time to all locations!

“We had an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers as to the quality and range of products we fixed on for the pack this year. Lots of appreciation for the practical products that promote sustainable living and that are produced ethically. Liked the aesthetics.” 

Romy Levin - Senior Marketing Manager at Nido Living

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