Case Study: American Airlines

The Client:

The world's largest airline, American Airlines has a vast international and domestic network - an average of nearly 6,700 flights per day to nearly 350 destinations in more than 50 countries - so it's safe to say they're a pretty big brand!

Target Market/Industry:

This particular brief was aimed at attendees of AA’s house presentations to corporate airline partners, sales conferences and travel fairs.

The Brief:

Our Sales Manager, Amy, was tasked with coming up with a giveaway that perfectly encapsulated American Airlines. It had to be unique and fun but also useful and practical.

The Challenge:

In the ever changing world of promotional merchandise, Amy knew that this item needed to be special to fulfil her client’s needs. Once the product was chosen, a further challenge came to translate a photograph into a 3D product - nothing our studio couldn’t handle!

The Solution:

We recreated a bespoke model of one of American Airlines’ most iconic, state-of-the-art planes - and turned it into a USB stick! The Airbus A330 was photographed, sketched, and modeled in 3D with CAD drawings. The renderings were then sent to production to be modelled and created as a real life product.

The Results:

The end result was a Bespoke 3D Soft PVC USB stick - not only did it replicate the iconic Airbus A330 - it provided a fantastic, useful and completely unique giveaway to the corporate partner attendees of the events.

American Airlines' marketing assistant Paige said, "The USBs have quickly become the merchandise item of choice amongst our customers. It's a fully bespoke product, we were able to customise these to suit our needs and were even able to pre-load the drives with a presentation."

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