The Benefits of Individually Personalised Branded Merchandise

Remember when you were little? The first time you bought or someone gave you a product with your own name on it?

Mine was a little keyring, spelt correctly (for me!) with a G and not a J. I was over the moon with it and proudly displayed it on my school bag everyday until it finally got worn out - and eventually broke!

Individually personalised merchandise
The Benefits of Individually Personalised Branded Merchandise

Personalised merchandise was something of a rarity back then, only to be found as you exited the gift shop and even then only in 'standard' names. If you had a slightly unusual name (or spelling of your name), you really didn’t get a look in! 

As grown ups, we still feel a sense of excitement when we see or are given a gift with our name on it, even if we manage to contain it a little better! As printing technologies have advanced in the promotional merchandise industry, we can now offer a wide selection of our products with individual personalisation. You can even combine these with your company logo, so you’re getting brand promotion and recognition alongside the very special feeling of owning something made especially for you. 

At Fluid, we’re all about Meaningful Merchandise, we want the merchandise we supply to be more than just 'give-aways' - we want to create a lasting impression of your brand on its customers. Sending promotional gifts and merchandise always makes the recipient feel special and appreciated, but promotional products that are individually personalised go deeper than this, they can make the recipient feel more cherished and cared for and that also means that these items are more likely to be retained and reused with pride! 

Receiving individually personalised items helps our customers and teams to feel cherised and cared for

As we, as individuals and businesses navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, individually personalised products also help to encourage the message of "not sharing being the new caring" as we all look for ways to decrease our touchpoints and amount of shared items. Yet another reason for your brands and campaigns to consider investing in these items!  What better way to reward your employees, clients or prospects than with an item personalised just for them (fully inclusive of all unusual names and spellings!)?

Why not take a look at the huge range of products that are available with individual personalisation? You can download our handy guide, check out the items available with this option on the website, or simply get in touch to discuss your campaign ideas. Our friendly and knowledgeable account managers can guide you through this process with ease.