How to maintain a healthy home/work balance whilst working from home

Working from home may seem like an absolute dream, no distractions with the latest office gossip and no cake to avoid if it’s been a colleague's birthday. With all of its perks and pluses, working remotely can highlight some difficult challenges when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For instance, your fully-stocked fridge is never too far away and it’s almost too tempting not to get out of your pyjamas. However, there are some steps you can follow to ensure you keep your focus and maintain productivity from the comfort of your own home. 

How to maintain a healthy home/work balance whilst working from home
How to maintain a healthy home/work balance whilst working from home

Stick to a routine

It’s easy to become a little slack when you’re working from home, but you shouldn’t stop setting an alarm and getting up when you’re supposed to. Make sure to have a shower and get dressed, this will improve your state of mind and it will psychologically prepare you for the day. Ensure that you stick to your usual working hours, it’s easy to skip a lunch break or carry on responding to emails into the evening. Why not put together a to-do list of the tasks you need to complete before the end of the day, this way you can highlight everything you want to achieve. Implementing deadlines to your schedule will keep you on top of your workload.

Create a working space. 

Let’s be honest, you’re at home and the thought of working from your bed is going to cross your mind. But let’s face it, are you really going to get anything done slumped between your feather cushions!? Set aside a specific area within your home where you can set yourself up. Whether this is at your kitchen table or a desk, make sure you can create a working environment that suits you. Include desktop items that will help keep you organised and tidy (calendars, organisers, coasters, etc). Brighten your space with some plants and pictures, try setting up your desk in front of a window!


Go outside and exercise

All work and no play isn’t the best strategy, it’s important to regularly take breaks and eat lunch away from your desk. If the stress of the day is getting on top of you, why not step outside into the garden with a cuppa and grab some fresh air? Maybe even try going for a jog at lunch? Being outside can boost health and decrease stress, it’s great for the mind, body, and soul! Even if the sun isn’t out, why not try a workout in your living room? Sofacise is definitely a thing!!! There is plenty of opportunities to take advantage of online body coaches, try searching for workouts and fitness plans on the web. 


Take a meditation break

Stressed? Take a ten-minute break during the day to go sit outside and listen to a quick podcast or meditation app to reset your mind. Once you return to work, you will feel refreshed and ready to get back on task. It’s been said that meditation can also improve your sleep and overall health!


Stay connected with people

Remember to pick up the phone and have real conversations with your colleagues. Don’t rely on emails and instant messaging, make use of video calls so you can actually see one another. It’s really important to keep in touch, whether it’s to talk about work or just ask how their day is going, being isolated can really impact your mental health. Stay connected and don’t lose touch with people. 



Maintaining a healthy home/work balance does have its challenges, but with a little planning and organisation, it’s possible to conquer those challenges and set yourself for success!