Fluid Friend Stories - Xindao

In our upcoming Fluid Friend Stories, we’ll be celebrating those who support and provide us with the products that make Fluid. We like to think of our suppliers as friends, we want to build mutually valuable relationships that will bring both commercial success and positive industry change.

In the next part of our Fluid Friend Stories series, we’ll be talking to Xindao, a Dutch company with its Headquarters based in Rijswijk (The Netherlands). They have offices across the globe, from the United States to the Far East.

Fluid Friend Stories - Xindao
Fluid Friend Stories - Xindao

Tell us more about you and what you do?

When you hear the name Xindao. You think quality, stylish, well made, passionate, and above all, a company whose values and beliefs reflect in the products they sell and manufacture. Xindao is a Dutch company with its Headquarters based in Rijswijk (The Netherlands). We have offices across the globe, from the United States to the Far East.

With our strong presence in China, we are able to remain at the forefront of industry developments. Working with Xindao is working with a partner that knows all the ins and outs of the business, both on the Chinese and the European side. Our own design studio makes it possible to lead the development of our industry. Xindao has been a well-established supplier of promotional gifts since 1986. Producing stylish, unique, high-quality gifts. 

Xindao: the name has many meanings in Chinese but "new direction" is best suited to our philosophy: To build a lasting relationship with our suppliers and customers based on new ideas and directions.

What are you doing to make a positive impact on our industry?

At Xindao, we believe that we are part of the value chain and the best results are achieved together with both our suppliers and our customers. We make a positive impact on our industry by focusing our efforts on better communication, substantiation of our claims, and building a framework for CSR that is embedded in company strategy. That way everyone in the company is, directly and indirectly, contributing to positive change. Making that positive impact is not just about bringing change from a CSR standpoint, it also means an increase in value that comes from investing in innovation and creative ideas and keeping the company relevant for the future.

We heavily invest in our manufacturing process, such as developing collections that reduce water, reducing waste, are recyclable such as RPET, bamboo or plant waste, wheat straw or cork.  Our focus is on a sustainable lifestyle, recycled or recyclable materials, sustainably sourced, and with a lower carbon footprint.

Xindao makes a small contribution back to water.org on products sold on the Impact Collection. Whilst offering customers the option to save on Co2 emissions when ordering a sample, it is our ambition to reduce the CO2 emissions by 50%, together with you, by 2023. To promote this we commit to planting a tree for every 10-sample shipments. We do this in collaboration with Treesforall. Of the Xindao employees who are company car users, 90% have a hybrid or Electric Vehicle.


What products are on your hotlist at the moment?

The Impact Collection is a beautiful collection of products that aim to make a positive impact. There is a responsibility towards the environment that cannot be ignored. The IMPACT collection focuses on the use of water. For each IMPACT product sold we will donate 2% of proceeds to support Water.org to change lives with safe water. More info on www.water.org. The Impact Collection consists of a Laptop sleeve, Backpack, Water Bottles, Toiletries Bag,  A4 & A5 Portfolio, Recycled Cotton Tote, Duffle weekend bag, Laptop bag, Cooler bag & Glass Bottle. 

Customised Gift Sets are proving to be very popular at the moment. Choose any item to go into our customised gift sets of one, two, three, or more personalised items. They’re perfect for every target group, every budget, and every occasion. A personalised gift set is always well received and can be delivered to individual addresses. 

Tell us about your relationship with Fluid?

We have a very strong, trustworthy, reliable partnership with Fluid, being one of Fluid’s top 3 suppliers in the UK & Europe. We work very closely with all members of the team from Sales to Marketing to IT, Production, Finance, and Compliance teams. We aim to ensure our service is exceptional, our communication is key and clear, and relationships are valued and secure.  

We strive to ensure each member of the Fluid family has the full confidence to push our products and our service, ensuring they continue their legacy of being the most proactive company out there, offering a supportive customer journey for any customer, new or old.

As part of the relationship, we offer support and advice with regard to market trends and compliance. Other aspects of the support would be to attend the Fluid shows, UK and Europe, and support the sales teams at high-end presentations and regular training sessions, to ensure the customer needs are recognised and fully understood. 

We have been fortunate enough to win numerous accolades, actual awards or highly commended, over the last couple of years. All voted for by individual members of the Fluid team. Just a few to mention:  Supplier of the Year 2nd year running, Deadline Champion, Customer Service Team of the Year 2nd Year running, Unsung Hero award, Account Manager of the Year, Best Visuals, and Best Backpack Range!

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