Umbrella Panel Colours

Here at Fluid Branding, we offer a wide variety of umbrella panel colours. You can use the swatches below to find the panel colour that suits your brand the best. Don't forget that you can have a combination of alternating colours on your umbrella - anything goes!

Please note: The colours on the swatches below are intended as a guide only - colours seen on screen do not always represent the actual colour in reality. Not all colours may be available for certain umbrellas. Please ask a sales representative for further information by calling us on 0345 634 2935.

Swatch Colours


Scarlet (186c)

Sea Green (3288c)*

French Navy (2945u)

Ivory (7499c)

Cherry (201c)

Longchamps (367u)

Cobalt Blue (540c)

Algarve (7401c)*

Wine (1955c)

Petrol (3155u)*

Navy (5395c)

Sand (7501c)

Terracotta (174c)*

Lagoon (315c)*

Aubergine (525c)

Cream (134c)

Campari (7428c)

Aquamarine (319u)

Prism Violet (2685c)

Yellow (115c)

Brown (448c)

Bubbly Blue (304c)*

Viola (Violet c)

Gold (123c)

Naffy Green (378c)

Sky Blue (291c)

Royal Purple (2738u)

Sunlit Siesta (137c)

Jaguar Green (3308c)

Capri (298u)

Gaylord (2655c)

Sunrise Orange (1375c)*

Bottle Green (357c)

Salvia Blue (2727u)

Pearl Grey (Warm Grey 1c)

Rio Orange (165c)

Jade Green (330c)*

Pacific (Process Blue u)

Light Grey (421u)

Flourescent Orange (811c)*

Oxyd Green (3298u)

Sapphire (300u)

Gunmetal Grey (Cool Grey 10c)

Cerise (206u)*

Kingfisher (341c)

Royal Blue (Blue 072c)


Blazing Pink (219c)

Emerald Green (356u)

Blue Moon (287c)*

Met Silver (877c)

Met Gold (871c)

* Please note - these marked colours have limited stock as they are discontinued panel colours. They are available while stocks last.