Bumpaa Antiviral Masks & Snoods Catalogue

Fully brandable with built in 27-7 protection

Fluid Branding are proud suppliers of Bumpaa face masks and snoods - the fun, friendly and fashionable products that use leading ViralOff® antiviral and antibacterial technology. They’re lightweight and comfy, reusable, and manufactured in the UK. And best of all, they can be branded to your requirements!

Polygiene ViralOff® antiviral technology

Polygiene ViralOff® antiviral technology is used to treat fabrics and textiles to reduce viral load by up to 99% in two hours.*

Polygienic treatments show a real antiviral effect and have successfully passed ISO standard antiviral and antibacterial tests. The treatments are safe to use and do not affect the skin's natural flora.

*as per ISO test ISO18184:2019, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2) (Influenza A)

The sustainable face protection option

Not only do these products look great - they're a sustainable alternative to disposable masks. Environmentally speaking, reusable masks help to prevent billions of disposable masks going into landfill or ending up in our oceans.

Further Advantages

Being reusable, Bumpaa masks help to save vital disposable PPE for health service workers - and actually offer a greater return on investment when compared to disposable face masks. Whereas the initial cost for disposables is as little as 20% of the cost of reusable masks - when considering cost per wear, reusable masks become better value after just 4 or 5 wears. Add the number of impressions of your custom branding into the mix, and the value of branded reusable face masks simply cannot be contested.

Download your free Bumpaa catalogue today, and get in touch with our team for a quick and easy quote.

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