Promotional Products Research - 2013

The results are in with BPMA's latest study of Promotional Merchandise use in the UK

We've always known it - but now it's official - branded merchandise delivers! As a marketing tool, it is invaluable in terms of getting your message out there - and delivers a higher ROI than most other forms of advertising. New statistics show a conclusive link between promotional merchandise, branding and sales.

See the results for yourself. Recent research by the British Promotional Merchandise Association show the facts and is available for download below. Of the people surveyed, some of the key findings in the research include:

  • 97.7% said Promo Products were NOT a waste of money
  • 88.1% had a branded product in their office
  • 79.8% keep a useful promotional product for over two years!
  • Over half said that a branded promotional product would inspire them to take action...

The statistics speak for themselves. With that much constant exposure, take advantage of Fluid Branding's services and take your brand further?

Click on the link below to download a copy of the research...

Download the Research

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