Plastic Free Merchandise 

Our favourite merchandise that's good for the environment...

Now more than ever, companies are looking to make better, more informed choices when it comes to making business decisions. Whether that’s how they provide energy to their offices, how their staff travel to work, every decision matters.

The type of promotional merchandise a brand gives away is just as important! Single-use plastics and throw-away items are becoming less and less desirable, as our collective consciences and commitment to helping the world around us, drives us towards buying more sustainable, planet-friendly options.

Brands want longer lasting items that tell a story and we’re big believers in delivering products with maximum brand impact, but also minimal impact on our environment.

Show off your eco-side...

Small changes can make all the difference. Switching to eco-friendly products won't cost you the earth - in fact, you'll be helping save it! Most promo products now have an eco-alternative and our plastic free merchandise brochure is packed full of them!

How you appear to your customers and what they understand about your business is key to a positive brand image and crucial for customer loyalty. By adding an eco-alternative into your next campaign it will show your commitment to buying more sustainable, planet-friendly options.

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