Using promotional products to market your business sounds like a very straightforward thing to do. But like anything else in business, it has the potential to go wrong if it’s rushed and not carefully considered.

When it comes to promotional products, there is a lot of choice. There’s also a lot of potential for customisation, and many options with how the products can be displayed and distributed. But all of these choices means that there is potential for things to go wrong. Here are some things to consider before deciding on your plan for promotional products.

Decide on a Reason

Before making any decisions on what promotional products you want to choose, you will need to decide what their purpose will be. Do you want to promote the business to new customers? Do you want to encourage repeat custom? Do you want to spread the word about a new product or service?

Promotional products can go wrong when there is no objective or purpose behind them. Have a measurable goal to track the success of the promotional products. This will help you to decide on what promotional products to choose, what information to put on them and how to distribute them.

Keep it Relevant

If your business is a nursery and your promotional product is a beer mat, this is where things have the potential to go wrong. Consider your business, its target market and what will appeal to your customers. Bear in mind that a product should be both relevant to your business as well as appealing to those you want to target.

Better still, find something that your customers need or will use every day, such as a USB stick, calendar or notebook. A useful product like this will keep your business in the customers mind and give them a good impression of your business.

If you’re targeting business people, the best type of promotional product might be something office-based, such as stationery, desk calendars or a mug to use in the office. Similarly, a fitness company might want to go down the clothing route. If you’re targeting an environmentally-conscious niche, an eco-friendly product will go down very well.

Decide on Distribution

Deciding on a great promotional product is only the beginning, because a great product is only a great product if it gets to the right people. Some promotional products don’t work because they don’t get distributed to the right places, or they are given to the wrong people.

Once you have a purpose for your promotional products, you should figure out exactly who you want to target. You then just need to figure out the best plan to get the product to those people. If you want new customers, you will need a different distribution plan than if you want to improve repeat business. Quality is better than quantity, and there’s no point targeting people who will have no interest in your company.

Decide on Price

One of the many benefits of promotional products is that they are very cost-effective. But trying to save too much money could be another reason why promotional products aren’t as effective as you’d like them to be.

Decide on a budget for your promotional products while bearing in mind that it’s an investment that will pay off, especially if the product is of good quality and doesn’t fall to pieces straight away. Low quality promotional products will not send out a good message about your business.

Think About Your Design

Some promotional products won’t work simply because they aren’t exciting enough to engage with the recipient. Your product should include your brand logo and brand colours if possible. You should also ensure that your brand logo and information is printed clearly. Make But your product should also capture people’s attention with its words or imagery. Choose a product that will get people excited and stand out amongst other promotional products.

Get Your Facts Right

This may seem like a very basic piece of advice, but making sure you get relevant and correct information on your promotional product is very important. Some promotional products may not be very effective because the website or contact details of the brand are absent, misspelt or illegible.

The whole aim behind promotional products is to get people interested and excited about what you do, but if you don’t make it easy for these people to find or contact you then your promotional products won’t be very effective.