Welcome to Barcelona!!

It's emotional. We made it.

Just an hour from our final campsite, we took a major wrong turn which culminated in adding a further hour and a half to the trip, we somehow managed to not fall out.

Four grown men in a poky little heap of a 1.4 Vauxhall Astra, loaded with camping gear (most of which remained unused) and more booze than clothes.

Absinthe was involved on the last night, so it ended a little messier than it started, but a fantastic trip was had and plenty of money raised for a great couple of causes.

We picked up various friends along the way, but this little beauty was stowing away under the seat of our co-adventurers all the way from Cornwall.


When I find which vehicle my camera came back in, I'll upload some better pics.

Thanks for everyone's support before the trip and en route, it's been special!

Matt, Ross, John and Mr Bland.