Did you know that driving continues to be the most common way to commute to work in the UK? Over half the working population (57.5 %*) currently travel by road; now that's a huge amount of advertising opportunity right there!

I'm about to give you the low down on the car accessories that are both awesomely useful and awesomely brandable. So, let's get the wheels in motion!

9. Pitlane Emergency Hammer

Getting you out of those sticky situations is the Pitlane Emergency Hammer. This one comes with a razor-sharp blade to cut through seat belts and a hammer to shatter windows quickly and easily for a safe and quick exit from any vehicle.

Pitlane Emergency Hammer

The Pitlane Emergency Hammer - with some fabulous branding of course!

8. Foldable Car Organizer

It's handy, it's practical - it's the foldable car organiser. With handy pop-out pockets and two large compartments this useful accessory makes for an awesome organiser, not to mention the whopping branding area!

Foldable Car Organizer

The Foldable Car Organizer - a very useful addition to any car!

7. Six Piece Car Wash Kit

Do you spruce up your car on a Sunday? This 6 piece car wash kit has it all a bucket, microfibre cloth, sponge, wash mitt, squeegee and it all comes in a handy carry case – what more could you want?!

Six Piece Car Wash Kit

The Six Piece Car Wash Kit includes all you need to keep your motor looking at its best...

6. Non Slip Car Dashboard Mat

Easy to apply and easy to clean – those easy to lose items will always be to hand! Just add your brand to the top – what a great advertisement!

Non Slip Car Dashboard Mat

The Non Slip Car Dashboard Mat helps keeps your important items within grabbing distance.

5. Square Ice Scraper

My personal favourite, the ice scraper. This square ice scraper with a rubber strip is the perfect size for storing away in your car for those wintery mornings! Long lasting and reliable this is a car accessory staple! With the option of digital printing on this one you can really go to town when it comes to customising your design!

Square Ice Scraper

The Square Ice Scraper is another must-have addition to your car kit.

4. Air Freshener

Get rid of those funky smells with an air freshener! The best thing about these sweet 'smellies' is we can cut them to any shape! To your logo, mascot or perhaps a call to action! Think of the number of times yours will get spotted swinging from a rear view mirror...

Air Freshener

The Car Air Freshener positively reinforces your brand.

3. Tyre Gauge

Number one for safety is the tyre gauge and key light, check your tyre pressure with this useful gadget. Add your brand for a campaign or giveaway. It comes with a handy keyring and is sure to stay on your client's bunch of keys – great advertising!

Tyre Gauge

A Tyre Gauge is a very useful tool for motorists - why not brand it with your logo?

2. Printed Casco Car Adapter

Great gadget for busy business people is the Casco Car Adapter, just plug in and charge your device whilst you drive. Easily customisable as well! You can choose from a range of funky colours and add your logo to the side! Snazzy!

Printed Casco Car Adapter

The age of gadgets we live in means that the Casco Car Adapter is a must!

1. Jump-Starter Power Bank

Kick start your marketing campaign with this jump-starter powerbank! For unique design this one wins it – jump start your car or even charge your phone, all you have to do is clip on the leads and away you go.

Jump-Starter Power Bank

The Jump-Starter Power Bank - unique, innovative, brilliant!

* Percentage taken from 'The Office for National Statistics' (ONS) publication, 'Method of travel to work in England and Wales 2011', census 2011.