We all know that, despite many glances over our writing, there is a tendency for our eyes to fail us when looking for errors in our own work. There’s nothing worse than spotting a typo after it’s too late to change. Your reaction will likely be something like...








What’s the moral of the story? Get another pair of eyes to look over it as well. And another. And another for good measure.

This is especially important when something goes to print in large quantities with large budgets at stake. Time, resources and money can be wasted when costly typos or design faults are made. However, there’s something a little more costly at stake when it comes to making boo boos in front of the world… Your reputation.

Especially when ‘attention to detail’ is your ultimate ethos.

It's all in the detail...

It's all in the detail...

Here’s a selection of our favourite typos that won’t be lived down anytime soon, and are also sure to have you proofing to high heaven from this day forth.

The Controversial

Oh dear...

Home Run Hitler?

A little harsh...

Prostituted Shoplifters

Tom Daley’s epic Insta-fail:

Tom Daley

Communications from the University of California could be better:

Diploma Typo

The headline on a flag disposal story:

Fag Disposal

The Tattoo

When it comes to living down a typo there’s none so hardy as the tattoo. As close to being permanent as can be, these people have a constant reminder of their silliness staring back in the mirror.

According to this guy, tattoo removal is overrated. Who said a typo can’t be rectified?

Correction Tattoo


Your life, your dictionary?

...of spelling?


Toilet Humour

And there’s those silly ones that aren’t likely to offend, but will evoke a little, juvenile snigger.



The Food

When it comes to food, typos can put a completely different slant on things, and turn that delicious concoction into the kind of cuisine that you’d really rather avoid.

Nut Guts? Angus, I think you'll find...


As you can see, when a business allows a typo to reach the public then a lasting impression can certainly be made, but for all the wrong reasons. And you might just find yourself walking around the office with your tail between your legs, with a slapped wrist from the Accountant. And Manager. And self.

So when choosing your promotional products from our range, be sure to check your logos and art requirements because these goodies will be reaching lots and lots of meticulous eyes!

Bird Misspelling...

Must-have food, apparently...

I think that Grapefruit is forming a G...

An interesting combo...

Porn & Beans

No Excuse

Some typos like those we have chosen below are in a special league of their own. These are the typos you see and wonder if these people are simply in the wrong jobs.

Early in 2010, Gregorio Iniguez, managing director of the Chilean Mint, was sacked after he authorised the production of 1.5m 50-peso coins that spelled the country's name 'C-H-I-I-E'. By the time he was kicked out it was too late; the coins remain in circulation to this day.


The keyboard manufacturer who like their G’s so much, they included two:


What does that say in the road? Screeeeech


Very unfortunate...

Dead Dad

This must have taken days to create…surely someone could have spotted this typo before it was too late...


Breaking news to the masses...

News Reporting

Good tip for cold winter nights...

Cold Winter Nights

A spelling app would have been useful though hey...

The Porsche Boxter

Illustrated Typos

@illustratedtypo turn people’s Twitter typos into pictures, and they are brilliant. Here are some of our favourites:

The Ross Bush Jesus Crust Gary Barley iFold Tower