21st century product branding options have never been so many or varied; a mind-boggling number of items can be branded, using techniques from printing to embossing and embroidery. In this video we take you through two of the most important and widely used processes; screen printing and pad printing.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a centuries old technique based on forcing ink through a very fine mesh, onto the material below. The technique is widely used on thousands of our products, ranging from water bottles to bags. In our video you can see how one of our best-selling water bottles is branded using the rotary screen printing method.

Pad Printing

But what if your product surface isn’t flat or uniform? Pad printing is the excellent technique we use to take care of getting our client’s logos onto those more awkward surfaced - such as plastic ducks! It works by using a silicone pad to transfer the ink from within the etched surface of the printing plate to the material to be branded. The flexibility of the silicone pad means that the ink can be transferred to uneven surfaces while maintaining the integrity of the logo or design.

So there you have it; an insight into how we use two of many methods to brand our clients' merchandise products. You can read more about the branding processes we use, and the Fluid Studio services, here.