Dual-branding is nothing new. It gives organisations a way in which to instantly convey multiple and strong messages about their brand, and for over fifty years some of the world’s biggest household names have collaborated highly successfully creating 'super-brands’ to drive sales. Think of Jamie Oliver and Sainsbury’s eleven year collaboration, widely thought to be one of the most successful partnerships in the retail industry. Or fashion chain H&M’s similarly high profile work with famous designers from Karl Lagerfeld, the first in 2009, to Balmain in 2015.

Famous brand collaborations from Jean Paul Galtier & Coke to Playstation & Star Wars

Many of the world’s most famous brands collaborate to create ‘super-brands’. Examples include Coke & Jean Paul Gaultier, Nike & Apple, MacDonalds & Cadbury and Sony Playstation & Star Wars

What's so great about using dual-branded products?

The benefits of dual-branding promotional merchandise for your organisation's promotional campaigns are compelling, and it’s all about psychology. The message of quality and specialism conveyed by companies using the products of market leaders like Helly Hansen, Parker and Titlelist will reflect upon whoever is the giver of the product.

  • Image - when a company’s logo is seen alongside that of a renowned brand, that company immediately benefits from the suggested association with the image of the co-brand.
  • Perceived value - this can be instantly enhanced if the item is produced by a well-recognised brand. For example, the perceived value of a promotional pen made by Parker will be higher than that of an un-branded pen.
  • Consumer loyalty - dual-branding has the effect of enhancing and transferring feelings of loyalty and affection towards the partner company - yes, that’s you! It’s the kind of marketing that a business can’t usually buy.
Dual-branding products from Moleskine, Cross, Musto & Jamie Oliver

Some of our favourite products for dual-branding come from Moleskine, Cross, Musto and Jamie Oliver’s ranges

How to choose the right co-brand & products

  1. Choose a co-brand which will be a good fit for your own organisation’s image, services or products. Luxury? Recreational? Useful? Perhaps techy? Think about the co-brand and how it styles itself; will it sit well with your company’s own image?
  2. Research the product options for dual branding. We work with a number of companies to be able to bring you great variety from well-known brands. Get canny with a product choice which is relevant to your company or the message you’re trying to get across.
  3. You’re a marketing expert - right? So get creative; consider carefully the branding and message you want to apply to the products. Your logo will be printed, embroidered, embossed etc, but think also about using a message or strapline to maximise your investments in so great products.


A Selection of Our Favourites...

Branded Moleskine Notebooks

These colourful Moleskine notebooks are unrivalled for perceived quality

Dual-branded Cross Pen

Luxury pen brand Cross is the go-to name for executive gifts

Branded Nike Sports Duffle Bag

The Sports II duffle bag from what is possibly the most famous brand in the world - Nike

Promotional Maglite Solitaire Torch

Known for their durability, the boxed Maglite Solitaire torch comes with a lifetime guarantee and makes a great gift

Dual-branded North Face Resolve Jacket

High quality clothing from brands with an ice-cool image - like this North Face Resolve Jacket - always goes down well with employees

Dual-branded Rubik's Cube

The Rubik's Cube is a classic gift and opportunity for marketing creativity!

Dual-branded Balmain Stylus Ballpoint Pen

With its high profile fashion-house name, generous branding area and gift box included, Balmain's Stylus Ballpoint pen proves that impressive dual-branding can be achieved without a huge budget

Dual-branded Jamie Oliver Cheese Board

We love the Jamie Oliver range of gifts. This slate cheeseboard with chalk for writing the cheese names makes a thoughtful gift for almost anyone

Dual-branded Titleist Golf Cap

Titleist is the go-to brand when it comes to covetable golfing gear. This embroidered cap is in 100% cotton