Many of us grew up in a digital age which could have easily seen the death of pen and paper – but no, stationery sales are stronger than ever. Here in the UK, we're a nation of stationery lovers. But why do we like stationery so much?

Perhaps it’s the promise of organisation or the ability to unleash our creative potential. Or maybe it’s just the way that it makes us feel?

Whatever it is, stationery holds something special to many people. Branded promotional stationery is still one of our biggest selling products here at Fluid Branding and it’s easy to see why.

Check out our 22 tell-tale signs of you developing a soft spot for stationery, and see which one best describes you!

1. You are told to use Google Calendar rather than your diary...and this is your sentiment…

Google Calendar? No Way!

[image source]

2. You loved the week before returning to school after the summer holidays because you got to go stationery shopping

Stationery Shopping!

[image source]

3. You use a new pen…and you know it's a winner


[image source]

4. You enjoy listening to the podcast 'The Pen Addict'

...and if you haven't heard it, you will get to love it in time...

The Pen Lover

[image source]

5. You just love to doodle

Inception Doodle

A Doodle of the Inception movie: [image source]

6. You love opening letters

Opening letters :)

[image source]

7. You still prefer to write a letter or note…..than send an email

Writing notes is better...

[image source]

8. You’re happy when you run your fingers over a letter-pressed card

Feeling good.

[image source]

9. You know how to spell stationery …but it's frustrating when you type it wrong

Feeling not so good.

[image source]
Note - For those that don't, the easiest way to remember is paper is spelled pap"er" - stationery is spelled station"er"y


[image source]

10. You love writing lists

Writing lists.

[image source]

11. You get upset when someone borrows your favourite pen and doesn’t return it.

Give me my pen back. Immediately.

[image source]

12. You own more notebooks than space for all the thoughts in yours + your work colleagues heads

Loads of notebooks

[image source]

13. You open a brand new moleskine notebook for the first time and you feel something special....

What a feeling.

[image source]

14. Your bucket list includes Japan....just to visit a stationery store

Stationery heaven!

[image source]

15. You’ve owned pens with dangling charms

Dangly and charming.

[image source]

16. You're so excited you're getting married...because you get to choose the wedding stationery

Anna is excited

For all you Frozen fans out there... [image source]

17. You're enticed by a pen advert like this…

Sylvester Stallone - famous Pen Designer

[image source]

18. You chew pens and experienced this at least once...

Good, nutritious pens...

[image source]

19. You want to be able to nail this one day…

Pen Spinner Extraordinaire

[image source]

20. You realise the pen you're chewing on belongs to someone else

Shock Horror

[image source]

21. You drool over the stationery boards on Pinterest

Mmmmmm... Stationery.

[image source]

22. You appreciate, or you’ve got, this tattoo

What a tattoo...

[image source]

We hope you enjoyed that. We definitely nodded along to many of these within our office. Please drop us a comment below with your stationery favourites and experiences, we’d love to hear about them.