In offices up and down the country, it won't take you long to find people who love a great cuppa! Delve a little deeper and ask them what amounts to the perfect hot drink and they'll inevitably tell you they have either a tea or a coffee.

We're all partial to our favourite brew, sitting in our usual spot and, most importantly, with our favourite mug in hand.

But if you're starting to get bored of your normal breakfast tea with a splash of milk and one sugar, join us as we explore the options to replace the nation's favourites...

Hot Chocolate - Morning Cuppa Alternatives Fluid Branding Blog Post

Hot Chocolate

New brands and flavours are being released all the time in an effort to capitalise on the growing interest in hot chocolate. This does mean that even once you've settled for a hot chocolate, you still have plenty of decisions to make!

Will you have one of the dozens of big-branded instant hot chocolates or will you carefully craft your own masterpiece, complete with tasty toppings?

Will you use warm milk or do you prefer yours with water?

Will you stick to the more traditional three flavours (milk chocolate, mint or orange) or go for newer options like Wispa Gold, white chocolate or even gingerbread?

Our Recommendation: It's time to get creative! Use warmed-up milk alongside a strong hot chocolate, topped with mini marshmallows and whipped cream, before finishing off with a sprinkling of chocolate powder. It might be the best hot chocolate you ever have.

Tea Flavours - Morning Cuppa Alternatives Fluid Branding Blog Post

Alternative Tea

As with all those hot chocolate decisions, there is plenty of choice when it comes to picking an alternative and potentially healthier tea choice. Whilst we've excluded a standard decaf as a possibility, there is still plenty to choose from.

The most popular alternative tea in the Western world is green tea, with many doctors and nutritionists suggesting it as part of a dietary overhaul where caffeine reduction is key to improving a healthier life.

Our Recommendation: If you can't get used to green tea, you are probably best off trying a flavoured option. Have a look in your local supermarket and pick your favourite flavours. You'll be surprised at just how many options there now are!

Soup - Morning Cuppa Alternatives Fluid Branding Blog Post

Instant Soup

This might be a controversial choice for a breakfast drink, but instant soups are cheap, cheerful and filling. Whilst this may not be the healthiest option on offer here, the ability to combine the warm feeling with a light snack could make this a great option for you.

Our Recommendation: Choose options with croutons for a satisfying crunch!

Cold Drinks - Morning Cuppa Alternatives Fluid Branding Blog Post

Go Cold...

We like our hot drinks in the morning in this part of the world, so another potentially controversial choice is something cooler. Whilst your colleagues may be drinking their usual hot drinks in the middle of the summer, you know that having a cold, refreshing drink isn't a taboo - it just makes sense!

Healthier options like plain water, smoothies and juices mean that you don't just have to stick to more sugary options like sodas if you want to mix things up. However, whilst we all know the health benefits of a better diet, why should that stop us enjoying a nice, cool lemonade when it's hot outside?

Our Recommendation: A fine option on a summer's day is one of the many new brands of fancy lemonade. If you have an especially sweet tooth, pink lemonade is likely to be an even more popular option.

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  • And the Winner Is…

    Is there a clear winner for you out of these alternative options? We simply cannot pick the ideal replacement for you, so we've decided to highlight our winners based on three key areas that a great replacement needs to have.

    Cosiest Cuppa

    Hot chocolate is the clear winner and with all the options on offer you can keep trying new ideas rather than sticking to the same drinks every single day.


    Green tea if you want to retain a hot drink, or water if you want the healthiest option on offer.

    Most Fun

    The creative hot chocolate option is a clear winner here, with none of the others allowing you to express your creativity as part of your daily routine.

    Do you have your own favourite mug to accompany your new drink?

    Remember that many of your prospects, clients and the wider public will be drinking from theirs each and every day. This is a great way to associate your brand with an enjoyable part of their everyday routines. This positive association would benefit your business, so consider choosing branded mugs or drink products when looking for your next promotional giveaways.

by Gemma Richards
Posted in The Fluid Blog and Product Inspiration on 07/09/2017 10:00

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