In typical British fashion, since the beginning of the year we have been plagued with what seems like an unending row of dull, miserable rainy days. But when you think about it, rain isn’t exactly unique to this time of year. Our glorious British climate means we’re never too far away from a rainy day – so why not take advantage of it?

One failsafe promotional product that customers will always be grateful for is an umbrella or rain jacket – basically anything that is going to keep them dry and happy. Items that benefit people in their daily life will also be gratefully received and ensure that your business is considered generous and helpful. This will go a long way in encouraging people to think of you in the future.

Promotional products that are useful and practical are also guaranteed to be used on a regular basis, which will vastly increase brand awareness. So in light of all this wintery weather – here are the most effective promotional products:

Budget Storm Golf Umbrella

Golf Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas are oversized umbrellas originally designed to protect a golfer and his equipment from the rain. We have a large range of golf umbrellas to choose from: from budget brollies to a double canopy golf umbrella with storm-proof, flexible ribs on a fibreglass frame. We also have foldable golf umbrellas for the ultimate in practicality, and transparent umbrellas so you can keep an eye out for any traces of the sun making a reappearance.

Charles Dickens Walking Umbrella

Walking Umbrellas

For the busy customer who may get caught out in a storm, a walking umbrella will come in very handy. There’s the two-tone or rainbow umbrella and those with a reflective edge. From classic umbrellas, the ultimate in style ‘Charles Dickens’ umbrella, to an umbrella-come-walking stick, you can pick the product that best reflects your business and your customer’s needs.

Boxed Brolly

Compact Telescopic Umbrellas

A compact telescopic umbrella is a great option for a promotional product. Not only is it useful, but it’s extremely practical and it’s one of those things that we all wake up on a rainy day and wish we had. Therefore it’s another a product that is very likely to get used, which will mean happy customers and increased brand exposure.

We have two great options for compact telescopic umbrellas. The first is the Boxed Brolly: with a good-quality, hard-backed material case, it also comes with a secure zip closure containing a small and compact telescopic umbrella. The umbrella itself features a very comfortable rubberised handle, and a carry cord for extra convenience. And it’s a handy option for your brand, too, because you can choose to personalise the umbrella, its sleeve or the box it is stored in.

The next option is the Minivent umbrella. This innovative and lightweight umbrella is both compact and sturdy. It has a wind-proof fibreglass rib and a vented canopy, to allow gusts of wind to pass through and stop you from blowing away. This umbrella will not be beaten by a windy day. It’s perfect to carry on-the-go, which means it’s perfect to get your brand logo spread around for everyone to see.

Eco Poncho


Aside from umbrellas, there are several others ways to appeal to customers by keeping them dry on our ever-present British rainy days. Ponchos are a great option because not only are they easy to distribute, but they’re also very useful and practical products. They’re light to carry, which means that they are all the more likely to be used by customers who like convenience.

And there are more options to choose from than you might think. We offer disposable or eco-friendly ponchos, those in plastic balls or featuring hoods and pouches, and even translucent ponchos. Whatever your business, there’s a promotional poncho to suit your individual brand and customers.

Adidas Rain Jacket

Rain Jackets

Another great promotional product to defeat the rain is the very jacket designed to do so - the rain jacket. We have the ultimate Adidas Climaproof Rain Jacket - a golf-specific jacket created around scientific evidence of the factors that promote improved athletic performance. This would make the perfect promotional gift for the active customer.

There’s nothing so gratefully received as a product that will be highly useful and save the day. Your customer will be truly thankful when they pull your umbrella or rain jacket out of their bag during yet another freak shower. Be remembered as a helpful and useful business, and people will look to you in the future.