The third annual Promotional Products Week runs from 14th - 18th September 2015

So, what’s the first thing that springs into your mind when you think promotional products?

Giveaways? Freebies? Plastic pens? Or useless tat?

Compare the Market - Alexander Meerkat Soft Toy

Well, how about we have a re-think – That Meerkat toy that everyone clambers after? The special personal thank you present with chocolates and a note? That useful USB stick thingy that enabled you to print all your holiday pictures this year?

I’m sure it’s clear that if promotional products are useful they will be retained, research shows that a staggering 89% of people will keep the product if it is useful…. Wow!

Promotional products can help engage your audience to take action and encourage loyalty to your brand.

A whopping half the UK public say they have taken action after receiving a promotional product, compared with only 19% for TV advertising, 11% for online ads, 10% for print and 9% for direct mail.*

In recent times, marketing and advertising spend has become more focused on the digital spectrum and not on tangible promotional merchandise. However, 50% would like to receive such items more often and interestingly, only 5% become annoyed with Promotional Merchandise, unlike the 73% that get annoyed at online banner ads! Grrrr…

You could harness some of this feel good factor for your brand and if the product you select is useful and relevant it will demonstrate excellent return on investment!

Not more pens?!!

Consider your audience and make the product relevant to them!

There’s no point giving away the latest tech gift to an audience that aren’t going to know what it is, let alone how to use it! Vice versa there are not many millennials that use diaries due to the rise of smart phones with inbuilt organisers and calendars.

Deliver products that your intended audience will love and cherish!

Don’t lose your message

A strong call to action with clear and concise messaging is the key! Don’t overcomplicate.

Also consider the location, e.g items kept on the desk have great visibility!

For long-term marketing there’s simply nothing better – over a third of all recipients revealed that they still had their free promotional gifts a full four years after receiving them!

In terms of marketing strategies, there’s really nothing cheaper in the world than promotional products. It costs as little at £1 to put out a promotional mug or pennies to produce pens – the fact that they carry on spreading the good word for your brand for months or years makes them worth their weight in gold!

* Stats based on Independent research carried out by BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) - 2013