The very best promotional products are those that appeal to the true passions of the people you’re giving them to. And in some cases making this happen can be easier than in others, though if you’re looking to appeal to the world’s geek community, it’s usually a doddle!

After all, with any geek it’s usually quite easy to work out what it is they respond to – they don’t often make concerted efforts to hide their true passions!

Promotional products have come a long way, and with a huge assortment of attractive, trending and practical options, the best advice is to delve into the hearts and souls of the crowd you’re looking to win over and to give them something they’ll actually have a use for.

So for the geeky, here’s some tried and tested favourites:

Music Geek

Give the music geek all they could ever wish for, to both remember you and be loud and proud at the bus stop, with a Mini Bluetooth Speaker. With more impact than headphones, it’s more likely to be used and retained for the long-term, and is precisely the kind of promotional product that hits home with the music crowd.

DIY Geek

For DIY geeks everywhere, it’s really hard to go wrong with tools…as in any tools. Those into their DIY will certainly find a way to make use of a Multi-Functional Tool. Whether it’s to take the TV remote apart, tighten their glasses or maybe destroy what was once a perfectly functional vacuum cleaner – it’s a product they’ll remember you by as a frequent necessity in everyday life!

Mobile Geek

Too much of a good thing? Balderdash – when it comes to smartphone battery life there’s no such thing as too much! Keep mobile geeks on the go hooked up to Facebook and ensure they never miss another wholly essential status update with a Branded Power Bank! If you’ve seen the blind panic that strikes about 99% of the population when the battery indicator goes red, you’ll understand the power of these goodies!

Travel Geek

The best thing about travel geeks is that even when they aren’t planning to go on holiday for the foreseeable future, they’re still powerless to resist travel goodies. From beach balls to water bottles to Travel Adapters and so on, give them a tool to enhance their next holiday and they’ll reward you by bringing your brand much-needed exposure.

Lego Geek

Last up, for Lego geeks of all ages there’s really only one thing that fits the bill... Lego! Pretty crafty, right? It’s a mystery why, but a fact nonetheless that most iPhone owners…at least the male ones…are obsessed with Lego either openly or secretly. So give them a Lego iPhone Case and chances are they’ll be putty in your hands!

While these products are top of the list for super geeks, many of these will also appeal massively to others, so if you’re looking for something a bit different to send people, then why not tap into the geek that exists in each of us?!