Power banks came out of nowhere to take the world by storm…or at least that’s how things seem to have gone down. Technically the idea is anything but new – the only difference now being the fact that not only do modern power banks actually work, but most people just cannot live without one.

Power Banks

Power Banks - the coolest promotional products around!

If you haven’t read our product focus article titled What Are Power Banks then here’s a little background to power banks. You only have to cast your mind back a decade ago and you’ll probably remember a sudden outbreak in little devices that claimed to be able to charge your mobile phone using nothing more than an AA battery. Expensive at first, they soon made their way into the country’s £1 emporiums and junkshops for a very good reason – 99% of them didn’t work.

And as for the 1% that did work, they’d only draw enough juice out of a battery to power your phone long enough to send half a text or dial a third of the number you wanted to call. So unless you lugged around about six-dozen batteries at all times, there was no point.

What makes today’s power banks different is equally simple – they do work! There are still tons of different types doing the rounds, but for the most part they come in the guise of a rechargeable battery in a cool-looking case that can be attached to any smartphone, Tablet PC or gadget in general. Quality of course varies, but it’s nigh-on impossible to find one that doesn’t do the job to one extent or another.

Power Bank Types

As mentioned, pretty much every power bank you come across today will be rechargeable, which is not only convenient and practical, it also makes them cheap as hell to use. The only real difference comes by way of capacity – products start out at about 1,000mAh and go right up to 10,000mAh and higher. To make sense of this, you need only look at the battery in your mobile device – a smartphone will usually come in around the 1,500mAh mark and a large tablet PC more around the 9,000mAh mark.

And as these emergency chargers are generally designed for emergency use, it isn’t always necessary to buy one that’s able to charge your device fully, or ten-times over.

Why Power Banks Are the In-Thing

There’s a very simple explanation as to why power banks are the in-thing right now – smartphone addiction is epidemic. Seriously – recent studies carried out across the UK revealed that the overwhelming majority of teens and adults suffer genuine anxiety, withdrawal symptoms and in some cases dangerous panic attacks when their mobile devices die on them.

Don't let your mobile device die on you!

A Power Bank can help prevent your mobile device from dying on you at that vital moment...

As such, it’s gotten to the point now where for about 99% of people, heading to an event like a summer festival without a power bank is pretty much out of the question – they’d rather not go at all. The same goes for car journeys, flights, overnight stays anywhere and even the average day at work – more folk than ever before keep power banks on-hand no matter where they go.

Smartphone addiction isn’t healthy, but it’s working wonders for power bank builders!

Why Branded Power Banks Are Marketing Gold

Branded power banks are the perfect promotional merchandise because there aren’t too many products out there right now that the public would say it needs quite to the same extent as a gadget that can pump extra juice into smartphones and tablet PCs. And as all such devices need to be connected and used for pretty long periods of time to transfer power, the bank’s branding is exposed and shown-off for an equally long period of time.

With the summer festival season kicking off right now, it’s a good idea to order your branded power banks ASAP to stand the best possible chance of extensive brand exposure over the weeks and months to come.

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Glastonbury festival starts next week followed by the likes of T in the Park, V Festival, Reading and Leeds Festival, Wireless festival, Isle of Wight Festival, Somersault Festival.com, Chillfest and Latitude festival to name just a few. The Festival Calendar is a great website to keep track of all the festivals going on this summer. For those brands looking to target festival audiences – we put together an Ultimate Festival Survival Kit which is a graphic showcasing branded goods that are perfect for festivals – from drinking bottles and flip flops to sun cream and custom inflatables. And of course power banks!

It’s so easy to put out a branded product that’s never destined to see the light of day – branded power banks however are in most cases impossible to live without and will be well remembered by those who receive them.