For most people 'twiddling your pen' never goes beyond rolling it between two fingers and then picking it up off the floor. But there are some seriously talented folk out there who’ve created an impressive art form out of this - some call it pen spinning, others call it pen twirling or pen tricks.

We love a bit of stationery showmanship and wanted to share with you some of the best pen-spinning that we’ve come across on the web. We’re talking jaw dropping speeds through all five fingers, backwards, forwards, over knuckles and even knees. (Here comes the sound of pens dropping across the office…)

Pen Spinning
Pen Spinning Pen Spinning

Some incredible examples of Pen Spinning from around the web...

Impressive stuff right? But you ‘ain’t seen nothing yet’. There’s always a select bunch of dedicated people out there willing to take a talent or skill to the next level and these two chaps certainly do that.

The pens that these guys use certainly don’t look like your normal pen though! They are customised to help them perform, but still, it’s very cool to watch.

Whilst researching this art form we found out that there is a club in Bangkok, Thailand called ‘Thaispinner’ that is made up of young pen spinning enthusiasts who work on mastering their pen spinning techniques. Check this out!

Okay, do you want to learn how to pen spin? Of course you do! This video shows you how to spin a pen around your thumb and who knows where this may take you…

Right, let’s take it to the next level!

If you manage to master this skill then why not get a colleague to video your pen spinning brilliance and send it over to us? It’s just a bit of fun and you’ll be in with a chance of winning a free gift!

If you want your pen spinning video to be featured here on our blog then email with a short paragraph about yourself along with a link to your video on YouTube...

Good luck and happy pen spinning everyone!