How to increase the value of your promotional products

Guess what? Promotional packaging on a supermarket shelf has less than seven seconds to grab the attention of the consumer.

Yes, that's right, seven seconds.

With that in mind, you can imagine the important role that promotional packaging plays in a customer's purchasing decision.

With every purchasing decision we make. we're subconsciously influenced by promotional packaging. Ever find yourself scanning the shelves for the products you know and love? We're all guilty of it! We reach for what looks best, in other words, what has the most perceived value.

Have you ever looked at a product or service and wondered why people pay so much for it?

Is the product really much better? Probably not. It might be made of slightly better quality materials but people will continue to pay extra for a product that looks good and is well presented.

Perceived value is a powerful motivator to how customers view your product or service and the higher the perceived value the more likely customers are to buy. Not only that, the more likely they are to part with their cash!

When I'm talking about perceived value, I don't necessary mean make the product more expensive. Perceived value comes from several factors, the name of the product/service or the design of the product/service, and how it is presented. When a product is presented well, your expectation of value goes up.

Let's take a salesman, for example. If a salesman shows up to a sales pitch well dressed and smelling good, you will have completely different expectations of what they are going to sell you than if they show up dressed sloppy and smelling bad with a bad attitude.

So, with all that in mind, here's some top tips for increasing the perceived value of your promotional products - without breaking the bank...

1. Make it stand out

Packaging needs to stand out, it's the key to grabbing the customers attention and it helps your customers to remember your brand. Absolut do just that! Their innovative designs are sure to catch the attention of prospective buyers. Although it is effectively just a label on a bottle the perceived value of the product is higher due to the striking designs.

Absolut Vodka bottle designs

Bottle designs for Absolut Vodka

2. Keep it simple

"Less is more" definitely applies to this one. Always be clear and concise about what your product is – your packaging doesn't need to come with bells and whistles! A simple functional design will do just as good a job. And guess what? Nearly 40% of consumers would share photos of cool packaging across social media – so get your designs online! A great example of this is the gift packaging by H&M. This quirky packaging is simple yet effective. By just presenting your product in a box, the value of the product increases and instantly becomes more desirable. Not only that, but the simple design tells the customer exactly what they're getting – a shirt!

H & M Shirt Packaging

Does exactly what it says on the box...

3. Trigger emotional engagement

Consumers act when a brand makes them feel something. We all go for what we know and love when it comes to buying branded products. Allow your packaging to engage with your audience, and let it tell your brand story and your customers will remember you and your service. Check out this internationally well recognised brand - McDonald's. McDonald's changed the designs for their boxes of fries by commissioning Australian artist Ben Frost to re-design the packaging. He produced a range of designs from pop art to mash-up paintings of pop culture icons, super heroes, cartoons and universal iconography. These characters are recognisable to customers, which certainly helps strengthen the emotional connection between the customers and the brand.

McDonald's Fries Boxes by Ben Frost

A variety of Fries Boxes designed for McDonald's by Ben Frost

Want to know more about emotionally connecting your brand with its audience? Check out our Joy Marketing article to find out more.

4. Display your product well

The environment that your product is being displayed in will have a big impact on the success of the product. Whether you're taking your promotional products to your next event, using them as part of a rebrand or simply giving them away remember to display them well. Place them in a prominent position on your stand, sit them alongside your other marketing materials to help reinforce your brand and take pictures to share on social media – get your brand known!

Nike Air hit the nail on the head with this one – their innovative packaging is simple, but a fantastic way to display the product. The bubble like packaging even portrays the brands message. Awesome!

Nike Air - bubble packaging designs

The Nike Air 'bubble' packaging certainly is appropriate for the product...

5. Finally, know your audience

Show your audience what they want to see. Think about the likes and dislikes of your audience, think about the demographic that will be receiving your promotional product. Tesco does that brilliantly with their organic range. The packaging is distinct and clearly states the brand message with the use of the font and choice of colours. Will this sort of product appeal to teenagers? Probably not, but it does appear the target market – health conscious middle-aged adults.

Tesco Organic Range

Tesco Organic Range - appealing to the target market

So, there you have it, packaging really can play a key part in your marketing strategy – not only does it reinforce your brand and its message but it can increase the value of your product and customer expectation, therefore increasing sales, customer retention and loyalty. Winner!

Packaging is one of the most cost effective marketing tools, it requires relatively little investment and lasts a long time – definitely something you should consider investing in when next purchasing your promotional goods.

If you have any packaging requirements or if you are simply looking for ideas or original ways to present your products feel free to call us and we will be happy to help!