Ladies, you’ve probably noticed that the World Cup has officially kicked off and men everywhere are going Brazilian bananas for football. In fact, it’s not just the men – businesses, press, television, radio and brands, big and small, have all jumped on the bandwagon.

Even though England are no longer contenders, it’s still everywhere!

No escape: it seems everyone - and everything - has gotten World Cup Fever... [image source]

Now, we realise that there are many women out there that enjoy and get excited about the ‘footy’, and that all of this buzz will be well received. However, for those who are eagerly waiting to hear ‘the final whistle’ on the whole thing, then fear not; the world outside of football still exists (just about) and we have some inspiring ideas about what you can be doing while the masses are glued to the screen.

What’s more, it’s worth remembering that there’s many out there in the same boat as you and while businesses have been going to town on the World Cup inspired branded products, we recommend a little something for the ladies who, quite simply, aren’t interested in all this football malarkey.

Travel and Leisure

The picturesque beach at Rio de Janeiro [image source].

If all of the beautiful images and scenes of Rio de Janeiro are starting to imprint in your mind, then maybe this is a good time to look into a holiday!

Inspired by Brazilian culture, we’ve all experienced the splurge of carnival-esque colour and music that has been created to lure us into the football mantra; and though it may not have achieved this, it will, no doubt, go far in making you want to jump on a plane.

Fast forward to packing your suitcase for paradise and every girl will need the essentials for a beach day, so don’t forget branded beach towels and water bottles which are top of the list.

Festivals and Summer

Giving Rio a run for their money - the Notting Hill Carnival [image source].

Rio is also prestigious for its world famous carnival and general love of music and dance. This is a reminder of our own world famous event that is fast approaching – the Notting Hill Carnival. If you haven’t already, then now’s a good time to book your trip to the capital, and even start thinking about your costume.

That’s not the only event that you can get stuck into – summer is officially here which means it’s festival season, and you can take your pick from a whole assortment of events, artists and locations. But whatever and wherever you do choose, remember to pick up your ultimate festival survival kit.

Games and girls nights (party)

Cocktail Power: plan an anti-World Cup party with themed drinks like these... [image source]

Arrange an alternative World Cup girl’s night with no football and spice girl themed cocktails.

If planning your holiday or festival just isn’t cutting it and you’re more in need of some immediate relief, then take this perfect opportunity to call your all your ‘anti world cupper’ girlfriends and arrange a ‘girl’s night’.

Have a night in and take the lead from the spice girls with some vibrant and tantalising cocktails, made all the more fun with this Cocktail set. Once the party is in full flow then let the pampering commence - paint your nails with Fluid Branding’s colourful nail varnish range and don’t forget an extra dose of sugar with these delicious heart sweets.

Home and Personal

Home improvements - get your DIY on while he's watching the games [image source].

If you do happen to be at home while the football is blaring out, then don’t worry, there’s always the necessity and ultimately satisfying option of home improvement to keep you busy.

There’s nothing like a new photo frame to get you trawling through boxes of history and thinking about what to do with a space. Or, failing that, luckily the weather gods are being kind at the moment, allowing you to escape to the great outdoors if need be.

You may even find yourself a whole lot more interested in the condition of the garden, in which case these printed trees in hessian bags are a favourite of ours and a great way to spruce up your lawn.

All of these ideas allow you to escape the football, entertain yourself and get something worthwhile and rewarding out of it. However, if, for some reason, you find yourself tied to a chair, positioned in front of a match on the TV, then may we recommend you keep a stress ball within reach, and earplugs in the emergency position.

In other words, ladies, don’t get caught offside. A little preparation and some welcome distractions will get you through this difficult time.