We all know that the pen is a hugely useful item that people can’t live without. But did you know that it has also achieved great blockbuster stardom?

The benefits of the pen extend from everyday life to the big screen, and with this comes some rather imaginative ways to get the best out of this item. Some, we can all enjoy, and some that we really don’t recommend trying at home.

Here's our favourite selection of pen scenes that deserve another watch. And perhaps an Oscar or two?


The Wolf of Wall Street [2013]

Fan Art for the Wolf of Wall Street

Fan Art for the Wolf of Wall Street - [image source]

A recent and massively successful feat for the pen, as real-life Jordan Belfort demonstrates his incredible wealth through the sale of a pen.

As Belfort explains, "It's about supply and demand my friend" and we just couldn't agree more - who doesn't need a pen to write their name on a napkin? Letter? Post-it note? Wall? Desk?


Liar Liar [1997]

Jim Carrey agonises over the colour of his pen in Liar Liar

Jim Carrey agonises over the colour of his pen in Liar Liar...

Speaking of writing on a desk, we give thanks to the hilarious Jim Carrey in this much-loved comedy pen scene, as we witness the problems that he faces when attempting to write a lie...

The pen has a life of its own in this clip which leads us on to other unusually active and chaos-causing pens...


The Naked Gun [1988]

The Naked Gun

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! starring Leslie Nielsen

Introducing 'The rare Samurai Pen' which has significant power and cannot be broken. Or can it?

Talking of murder, but moving on to a greater 'scale' than a fish (pun intended) and we have the pen as an ultimate and, quite frankly, disturbing weapon...


GoldenEye [1995]

Bond... James Bond.

A license to kill... with writing instruments?

Naturally we have to look no further than to the legend that is Bond. James Bond. It would seem that the pen is a classic choice when it comes to weapons of mass destruction as it reoccurs in several of the movies. We particularly like the carefully calculated Golden Eye, where one too many clicks can be catastrophic.

Not all attacks are quite so well thought out though, as we move swiftly on to an act of passion...


Casino [1995]

Did we forget to mention that it’s not for the squeamish?!


2001: A Space Odyssey [1968]

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey - Kubrick's classic from '68 features a rather lovely floating pen.

As a reward for enduring all of that hard-hitting action and gore, here's a rather lovely one to calm you, as we watch a pen gently dance in mid-air with the sublime floating effect.


A Beautiful Mind [2001]

A Beautiful Mind

Russel Crowe stars in A Beautiful Mind

And now that you’re back in a happy place, here’s a really powerful and influential scene to finish with. In a Beautiful Mind the pen is the ultimate symbol of respect and gratitude.

What better way to portray a message than with a pen? In this scene the pens do the talking – they really can say a thousand words. So if you feel inspired to say a little something then take a look at the Fluid Branding promotional pen range and make an impact (for all the right reasons).

*Note* We really don’t recommend using pens to cause harm!