'Culture, travel, memory, imagination and personal identity'

Moleskine notebooks have long been considered the crème de la crème of the paper-bound world, and if there's one thing you can guarantee; it's that creatives worldwide will have one tucked away in their satchel.

Moleskine Notebook

Acid-free paper - great for sketching, and environmentally friendly too - [image source]

Granted, this is a romantic take on the product, and in actual fact its ownership spans much further than just those who are rooted in the arts.

Today, Moleskine is the choice of those who not only want quality and style in a notebook, but essentially, to also feel a bit special when writing, drawing, jotting, scribbling, doodling... thinking. As the words in bold illustrate; the Moleskine notebook is used for documenting life and has gained status as more of a ‘companion' – sharing in our greatest experiences – than merely a possession.

If you're wondering how these humble, yet stylish, items have reached such distinction, then take a walk with us through the Parisian streets where the rich Moleskine heritage and philosophy was born.

'A simple black rectangle with rounded corners, an elastic page-holder,
and an internal expandable pocket'

This is what the original Moleskine notebook looked like - produced for over a century by a small French bookbinder - lining the stationary shops of Paris and appealing to the finest artistic and literary avant-gardes of the land.

It's a pretty picture, and when you consider that prestigious figures such as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway are among its endorsers throughout history, it's little wonder that this notebook continues to be ‘the creative's choice', even today.

Moleskine has been on its own adventures along the way, and today (reinvented and now owned by Milanese publisher) spans much further than that little black book.

Thankfully the brand has kept its effortless style – not trailing too far from its roots – but now includes a range of colours, shapes, sizes and forms in its product offering. What's more, the philosophy is still there, holding strong, as people far and wide enjoy the Moleskine notebook as a creative companion to everyday life and adventures.

Here's a little insight about how the brand has expanded to give way to more art, experimentation and playfulness in documentation.

These videos display some of the options out there for artists:

The Moleskine notebook has even given rise to a whole movement where creative people share and appreciate each other's art – united through the medium of this unique little notebook.

There are numerous blogs out there that illustrate this, with every thinkable form and material used to decorate these pages. Skineart is a good example, where people can upload and share their art, discuss and enjoy!

Here's a few of our favourites:

Moleskine Notebook Art

Moleskine Art [clockwise from Top]: Pen and Ink Woman with Flowers with a spray of walnut and red ink,
Pen drawing of an adult and baby marmot, and A dustbowl truck ready to roll - source: Skine'Art

And then there's the digital notebook:

Digital Moleskine Notebook Art Digital Moleskine Notebook Art

Digital Moleskine Notebook Art from Skine'Art

The Moleskine Website also encourages people to share their views and experiences, including 'How to Prepare Your Moleskine' by marking your details into those infamous first pages, and tips on how to personalise your notebook through customisation, such as this gypsy cover.

There are many, many ways in which the Moleskine brand and product range has been enjoyed, and it continues to expand alongside technology and artistic trends.

For businesses, the opportunity to align your brand with Moleskine is a great one, and the option to create branded notebooks is a recent progression (within the last 3 years) It's certainly a favourite of ours, and a sure way to make an impact when it comes to choosing promotional products. Have a look at our Moleskine range here and choose your promotional notebooks.