Jelly Belly jelly beans

Other than the simple fact that they’re delicious, and we know that you will enjoy them as much as we do, there’s another reason behind introducing Jelly Belly jelly beans to our product range: we like them because they’re promotional entrepreneurs.

After beholding an incredible Jelly Bean statue at the PPAI Trade Show in Las Vegas last month, here at Fluid Branding we got to thinking about what other masterpieces the infamous brand Jelly Belly have created across the globe.

‘They are real and they are sweet.’

Jelly Belly Statue of Liberty Sculpture

The Jelly Belly Statue of Liberty Sculpture at the PPAI Trade Show in Las Vegas

What we saw comprised of thousands of individual jelly beans assembled with precision to create the infamous Statue of Liberty figure.

From a distance, any one of us could be fooled into thinking that it’s a colourful stone used to create such form, yet upon closer inspection we can confirm that actual jelly beans are used in this painstakingly accurate workmanship. You have our word.

Here’s another iconic figure in It’Sugar candy shop, City Walk, Hollywood. Here, 254,000 jelly beans are used to illustrate the glamorous and unforgettable Marilyn Monroe. The statue is worth $25,409.30 which goes to show that when Jelly Belly do ‘promotional’ they certainly go ‘big’ on every level.

Jelly Belly Marilyn Monroe Sculpture

The Jelly Belly Marilyn Monroe Sculpture in Hollywood

If you’re wondering why these statues have been created, and with such grandeur, then you can discover the answers in Jelly Belly’s ethos and dedication to quality.

Unsurprisingly, the idea for the world’s most famous jelly bean was born in Los Angeles, next door to Hollywood. The home of countless iconic movie stars certainly set the bar for the brand Jelly Belly to live up to such status – hence the birth of the notorious, ‘original gourmet jelly bean’! This explains why they are so taken with producing statues of historic idols. By doing so they naturally align themselves with such greatness and the idea of ‘gourmet’ certainly evokes high expectations in consumers.

Throughout the company’s history, their goal has continually been to make the best quality products on the market, regardless of cost. With this, they continue to use the very best, and most often, expensive ingredients: flavour absolutely comes first.

This commitment to excellence and authenticity has ensured the ongoing success of the gourmet jelly bean and made it a favourite worldwide. The range, consisting of over 100 flavours, has been endorsed by many since day one, including individuals as influential as USA president Ronald Reagon.

Here’s a portrait of the man himself, and demonstrates another artistic form created from jelly beans.

Jelly Belly Portrait of USA president Ronald Reagon

Jelly Belly Portrait of USA president Ronald Reagon

Artist Peter Roger and his nephew have produced incredible mosaics made from Jelly Belly’s beans - each, on average, taking about 6 months to complete and comprising of approximately 10,000 jelly beans!

Peter started his jelly bean mosaics in the 1980’s after hearing that President Ronald Reagon loved the Jelly Belly gourmet beans, which inspired him to create this portrait. Reagon loved it and it still hangs in the Ronald Reagon Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

Jelly Belly Portrait of the Queen

Jelly Belly Portrait of the Queen

As you can see, Peter celebrates iconic and timeless figures such as the Queen and Elvis Presley.

Jelly Belly Portrait of Elvis Presley

Jelly Belly Portrait of Elvis Presley

To create this art Peter would firstly paint the image on to a piece of wood, varnish it, then stick each coloured jelly bean to it. When all beans were in place he would paint another coat of varnish to protect it from hungry critters!

As you can see, Jelly Belly invites everybody to enjoy and celebrate the brand for their elaborate and playful nature. Such extravagant promotional displays go far in making the gourmet bean a memorable product and something widely appreciated. Not only that, but because the beans are so well-loved, others have adopted various experimental art-forms themselves, taking the brand even further.

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