Naturally the pen is a firm favourite when it comes to promotional merchandise – it’s useable, sharable and de’pen’dable (see what we did there?)

We all love a great pen. However, it turns out that there are many people who take their liking of this item to another level. Such fascination has led these individuals to create incredibly unique pens with surprising uses and beauty.

With ‘pen’staking attention to detail, these are our favourite pens from around that world that most definitely have the wow factor.

The World’s Most Intricate Pens

Talking of detail, the intricate craftsmanship that has gone into these handmade Skeleton fountain pens is praiseworthy to say the least.

Inticately Designed Pens

Check out this inticate pen designs... [image source]

The World’s Most Expensive Pens

Add precious stones to the mix and you have a rather expensive pen. Take this $57,000 Visconti fountain pen for example, trimmed in gold and silver vermeil and encrusted with 4000 diamonds and rubies!

$57,000 Visconti Fountain Pen

Pocket change... One of the world's most expensive pens? [image source]

However, if you want to see the most expensive writing tool ever to date (though, in our opinion, not nearly so beautiful) here it is. Say hello to the Aurora Diamante, sporting over 30 carats of De Beers diamonds (the only one in the world) and a snip at $1.3 million.

The world's most expensive pen

The world's most expensive pen.

Definitely not a pen that you’d lend out around the office! However, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative that still has style, then take a look at our branded Swarovski ballpen.

The World’s Largest Pen

The world's largest pen

The world's largest pen: [image source]

When it comes to interesting objects, there’s always somebody that wants to make an upscale version, and the pen is no exception. While you may expect to see all of the ‘world’s biggest’ objects in Australia, the world’s largest pen (holding the Guinness World Record) exists in Sunket, Nizamabad, India.

The pen is 16 foot in height, 1 foot wide and weighs about 40kg. M.S. Acharya is the proud creator of the biggest pen, and construction took almost 56 days (450 working hours) and cost about $5,555 U.S.

The world's largest pen

The world's largest pen: [image source]

This giant pen is called Bharatiya Pali or India’s Pen and has received much admiration - see more here.

You can also watch the video around its construction here.

The World’s Most Revolutionary 3D Printing Pen


Introducing the '3Doodler': [image source]

Having looked at the extremes in eye-catching design and grandeur, now we’re going back to the other end of the scale: small and modest in style. So what makes the ‘3Doodler’ one of the world’s most incredible pens?

It’s what this pen is capable of that makes it revolutionary – its unique use and performance is unmatched.

The '3Doodler' in action

The '3Doodler' in action: [image source]

Here is a pen that allows you to draw in 3D, mid-air and on surfaces. Granted, it will take a little practice, but this pen enables users to get really creative and produce sophisticated shapes.

Examples of '3Doodler' projects

Examples of '3Doodler' projects: [image source]

Like 3D printers, the pen uses ABS plastic that is heated and instantly cools on exposure. Thankfully though, the 3Doodler pen is an affordable option for people!

Get your own here.

Examples of '3Doodler' projects

More examples of '3Doodler' projects: [image source]

Funnily enough, some of the world’s most ‘ink’redible pens aren’t used conventionally at all, and they can be remarkable for their beauty as well as their usability. Either way, the pen remains a trendy item for both large scale experiments and the everyday. You can also get creative and choose a pen with the character that you want, from our extensive range here.