Freshers’ Fayre is one of the biggest events in the university calendar. With thousands of eager students attending, these events are the perfect opportunity to promote your brand and get some exposure to a huge, and potentially untapped, audience.

The Low-down on Freshers’ Fayre

At the start of every new academic year, all UK universities host an annual Freshers’ Fayre giving all new and current students the opportunity to network, find out about new clubs and societies and sign up for memberships. It’s also the perfect opportunity for both local and national companies and brands to get involved, promote their offerings and increase brand awareness.

Stock Up with Branded Merchandise

Freshers’ Fayre events are well known for being the place for students to go when they need to stock up on stationery, t-shirts and any other odd and miscellaneous supplies. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to promote your company. If you want to stand out from the competition, think about giving out branded freebies that are original and suited to the student audience.

A few sweets and branded pens are not enough. Consider your business, services and products and how they fit in with the student market. Working out what these consumers want to receive and what message you want to deliver should make it easier to come up with some great branded merchandise that attendees will be willing to queue for.

Companies that hit the mark with their branded goods include Domino’s Pizza, with its t-shirts, Kopparberg sunglasses, students’ unions offering USB pens and CoppaFeel giving away boob-shaped stress relievers!

Your merchandise can be as useful or fun as you like.

Refine Your Message

Before attending the event, it’s vital that you decide on the key message that your brand wants to convey. Freshers’ Fayre events can be overwhelming, with an abundance of stalls displaying company branding and products, loud music playing, live demonstrations taking place, networking sessions and competitions all happening at the same time.

Cut through the noise of your competitors by keeping your messaging clear and goals simple. If your main aim is to gain new email sign-ups, focus your brand messaging on why attendees should sign up and what the benefits are and make it quick and easy for them to get the job done.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Now that you’ve decided on your messaging and goals, understood the student market and stocked up on great branded merchandise, it’s time to concentrate on your stall. This will be your shop window for the event and therefore needs to be just as good as, if not better than, everything else you’ve prepared.

Your stall should reflect and be a continuation of all your other branding choices. Freshers’ Fayre gives companies a unique opportunity to try something unique and fun to attract the creative individuals who will be attending.

Ditch the clichéd banners and white tablecloths and instead consider where you can inject colour, utilise pop-ups and incorporate bigger pieces to display products.

Let us know about your branding successes in the comments below or, if you need support with your next Freshers’ Fayre event or want to discuss ideas for branded merchandise that will be memorable, head to our contact page to get in touch today.