Promotional gifts can cover an array of different needs, industries, moods and times of year. That’s the beauty of them – whatever type of person you want to target, you can. Whatever time of year it is – you can be relevant. You can easily make a promo product feel personalised, as well as one that comes in useful to customers on an everyday basis.

For the health-conscious customer – or indeed, any customer – there are many promotional products to put a smile on their face and a spring in their step. Here are some of our favourites for inspiration:

500ml Grip Sports Bottle 500ml Grip Sports Bottle

This grip sports bottle is uniquely designed to fit perfectly into the hand during exercise. And it’s bound to leave customers grateful when it saves the day mid-gym session. Even better if your brand logo gets seen by everyone else in a busy gym.

This bottle comes with a choice of caps, with valve and push pump available. It also has a large print area on the reverse side for ultimate brand exposure, and comes in a bright orange colour. This is one promotional product that won’t be hard to find on those dull winter mornings. It’ll leave customers with no excuse not to exercise, but don’t worry – they’ll thank you afterwards.

Foldable Plastic Water Bottle Foldable Plastic Water Bottle

This foldable plastic water bottle is an innovative and useful choice for a healthy promotional product. It’s a great option for customers who are on-the-go, or like to exercise and carry light – once the water has been consumed it will fold down and easily fit into small spaces.

It comes in a selection of bright, fun colours, and also comes with a metal loop and a plastic cap to protect the mouthpiece. It is the perfect promotional product for impressing customers and giving them something they can genuinely use every day. And it’s also a talking point because it’s an innovative product that you don’t see often.

Pedometer Pedometer

This best-selling pedometer comes in a sleek design. The logo prints under the acrylic for non-scratch results and it has good quality movement. It’s the perfect product for the health-conscious customer who likes to be able to track how far they’ve walked or ran over the space of a day.

It is also the kind of product that can appeal to a wide range of people, whatever their fitness and activity level, regardless of gender or age.

Skipping Rope Skipping Rope

This navy skipping rope is ideal for customers who like no-fuss exercise, and can be incorporated into every individual’s schedule. As well as being easy to hold, it also counts the number of jumps and measures how many calories are burnt. This is a promotional product that can be used every day, all year round and will last a long time – ensuring a lot of brand exposure – especially if it’s used in a public place, such as a public park or field.

Full Fruit Smoothie Full Fruit Smoothie

Perfect for the health-conscious customer, these delicious Full Fruit Smoothies are made from pure fruit, and don’t contain any nasty additives. They’re so good, in fact, that they’ve won both gold and silver at the Great Taste Awards. What better way to say thank you to existing customers or entice new ones than with a tasty, healthy and award-winning treat?

The smoothies come in a bottle that’s easy to take on the go for a post-workout treat or healthy snack, and you can choose from a range of tempting flavours, including: raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, banana, blackberry, mango and pineapple, cherry, grape and raspberry, and coconut, banana and apple.

Cereal Bars Cereal Bars

Talking of delicious, these cereal bars are the perfect little treat to grab your customer’s attention. Wrapped in a white foil for ultimate freshness, these little bars of healthy goodness are easy to distribute and delicious to nibble on. They’re easy to carry around for on-the-go, healthy snacking.

Your customers will no doubt be thinking of your business come those inevitable mid-morning elevenses.

So, there’s food for thought when it comes to healthy promotional products that your customers will gratefully receive. We all want to be healthier, so a little nudge in the right direction will go a long way. As will your brand, especially if a runner has anything to do with it!