One of the great things about promotional products is that they can be easily targeted to a certain market – whether that’s animal-lovers, foodies or the outdoors type.

And if you’re going for the health-conscious customer then there’s a wealth of promotional options to choose from. So whether you’re looking to target a certain market, or you want to spread the word that you brand is health-conscious – here are some great products that are perfect for healthy, active lifestyles.

Anti-Stress Man Anti-Stress Man

Nothing says healthy more than a calm mind that is free from stress. This anti-stress fitness man stress ball, in a range of shapes and colours, not only looks good, but can prove quite useful on stressful days. And it’s easier than an hour-long session of meditation or a gruelling yoga class.

It’s a small and therefore easy-to-distribute product, and the anti-stress man will also convey a friendly and helpful side to your business. What’s more, it’s definitely the kind of promotional product you don’t see every day – so it’s more likely to grab attention.

Skipping Rope Skipping Rope

This navy skipping rope is perfect for the healthy and active customer. Skipping ropes are a low-maintenance, quick and easy way to enjoy exercise for free. As well as helping make exercise easy and accessible, this rope counts the number of jumps and calories burned.

It also has easy-to-grip handles and a sleek, easy-to-use design. Your customers will be thanking you in a hop, skip and jump.

Eye Mask Eye Mask

Why not treat your customers to a soothing, refreshing and relaxing gel-filled eye mask? Used straight from the fridge, this mask will rescue and cool tired eyes and give instant relaxation. It fits nicely and comfortably onto the eye area for an effortless spa-like experience. And if that wasn’t enough to lull the senses, is also comes in a calming shade of blue.

The morning after a long night at the office or – ahem – bar, your grateful customers will remember how your promotional product made them look and feel much more refreshed.

Recovery Pack in a Pouch Recovery Pack in a Pouch

There’s no doubt that this is another promotional product that will come in handy for customers at the end of a long weekend, and your business will be to thank. The branded laminate pouch includes a handy cool water spray, minty mouth spray, lip balm, ear plugs and mini mints – now doesn’t that just scream revitalising? Who knew a promotional product had the potential to well and truly save the day, as well as promote your business?

Antibacterial Hand Spray Antibacterial Hand Spray

It’s not even just the health-conscious amongst us that aren’t fans of the common cold – most of us will do what we can to avoid its wicked grasp. An easy-to-carry-around hand sanitizer like this one is perfect for on-the-go, bug-busting hygiene. It’s useful, practical and your customer will be thanking you when they avoid the office cold.

Also, antibacterial hand spray is something that we’re all guilty of forgetting to buy. So when you send these out to your customers, you’re more likely to get your brand name passed around to those who’ve forgotten their spray and need to borrow someone else’s.

Mugs and Cups Mugs and Cups

One of the major rules in being healthy is drinking lots of fluids, and a health-conscious customer will love a new product that’s going to help keep them hydrated throughout the day. That could be water, or healthy, sugar-free alternatives such as green tea and fruit tea. One of the best ways to encourage one to drink enough is to have a tempting on-the-go cup or a brand new mug, useful at home and work.

Sports Ball Sports Ball

What better way to engage with active customers than with a football, basketball, golf ball or tennis ball? For a promotional product that will stand out, a sports ball is a great way to promote your business because it encourages group activity, where more people will be exposed to your brand logo and details.

Promotional products that encourage a healthy lifestyle mainly appear in a more leisurely and social environment, where people are having fun. This is a great way to get your brand out there and be remembered, for all the right reasons.