It's been a great summer for golfing and the biggest competitions in the world are still far from over! There's lots of high quality golf still to come, starting with a certain high profile event held at Le Golf National later this month...


While others prefer football, tennis or athletics, we know that many of you love golf and many of your customers do too. So how can we get prepared to watch, to play, or to give gifts to those who love golf?

Watching on TV

We'd argue that there is no better way to experience golf than to watch it on television. We thoroughly recommend checking out this calendar from BBC Sport that lists the top golf events between now and November 2017, so that you can be prepared for when the biggest and best competitions are taking place.

As with any sport that your customers may like to watch from home, there are four key areas that fans need to consider:

What to wear

There are two clear choices here: they either wear the comfiest clothes possible, or opt for fancy dress (in extravagant golf clothing) to make a party of the occasion. It is also worth noting that most golfing fans will wear shorts even if it's raining!

What to eat

It's vital to have the right snacks at hand. Just as strawberries and cream are associated with Wimbledon and the tennis, we are reliably informed that egg salad or pimento sandwiches are the go-to foods when watching the Masters.

What to drink

This is where we at Fluid Branding are here for you and your customers: whether they want a cold beer or a J2O, they're going to need a branded bottle opener.

It is also universally accepted that, when it comes to drinks, the colder the better, so it pays to be prepared. Grab some ice and sink their drinks in a cooler bag/tub. Anything smaller than XL just isn't big enough for the bottles needed for such an occasion!

The room layout

When it comes to TVs, bigger isn't always better, but a minimum of 32 inches and being HD ready are necessities when it comes to making the most of a great sporting event.

Playing 18 Holes at Your Local Course

If you or your customers are looking to play golf this year, rather than simply watch it, there are a number of things you'll need - and we don't just mean a set of trusty clubs!

Here are some key ways you can help out your customers who want to play golf:


If they aren't used to playing, they won't appreciate just how important the golf glove is. As we know, if you aren't ready in advance, be prepared for blisters and sore hands.

Golf balls

Generally speaking, they're going to lose plenty of golf balls when they start out. As they get better, this will become less of a problem and they'll keep hold of the branded golf balls you sent them earlier this summer.

It's worth noting that, while there's no penalty for hitting a playing opponent with a loose ball, it is important to apologise to anyone that does get hit before demanding your ball back!

Golf days

These events are becoming increasingly popular ways to entertain clients and suppliers alike. Through the events we've worked on, in partnership with our customers, we've discovered that promotional golf balls and umbrellas aren't always enough.

How amazing would it be to have your branding on the 18th hole at your favourite golf course as your customers are finishing up a great day? Now you can! And why just wait until the 18th hole, when you could speak to your hosting club and get permission to place branded flags to highlight all the tee offs?

There's one thing that you should be careful with: avoid arranging your own golf event on key golfing dates in the calendar, as you may find your attendees are 'otherwise engaged' on the day! Picking the same day as a big event may seem like a quirky idea, but trust us when we tell you that this could be deeply unpopular, especially with the hard-core golf fans who would otherwise have appreciated the event the most.

Gifts for Golf Lovers

There are some great ideas that simply don't fit in to either watching or playing the sport, but are still great choices for the golf-loving masses. Some fans will eat, drink and sleep their beloved sport, so it pays to be prepared to come up with ideas for things they will love.

We're think that personalised and bespoke glasses, display sets or even a champagne gift set will show your customers that you appreciate them and their interests outside of the work environment.

With So Many Ideas, What Should You Choose?

The key driver in this decision is what kind of giveaway is likely to associate your brand with the high standards, good-spirited competition and enjoyable character of the game. If you know your customers well, it should be easier to determine what they enjoy most about the game and provide them with something that will help boost their experience as a result.

And if you run out of ideas, check out our dedicated Golf Merchandise section to find the perfect promotional products for your campaign or event.