Fluid Branding is now promoting its branded range of first aid kits, designed to be refilled, for a variety of activities with the option of custom kits being created, tailored to your own specific first aid needs.

With its innovative design and robust casing, the new Micro Kit contains all the benefits of a larger kit but is smaller and more portable.

Available in seven standard colours, the Micro Kit is ideal for home, office or travel and can contain a variety of contents from First Aid to Aromatherapy and Pet First Aid to Travel Kit and all come with bespoke labelling.

Fluid Branding director Matt Franks says: This is the ultimate in rescue remedy promotional items offering people a variety of contents to suit each individuals promotional need.

The Micro Kit is not only small and compact, making it very portable but it also offers three altermative positions for individual bespoke labelling.

Also available as sets of three in a handy rack the Micro Kit can be fixed onto walls or the inside of cupboards with the aid of a branding clip which maximises brand placement as well as ensuring that first aid is always available when required.