Getting down to grass roots is an ideal way to create an innovative an unusual promotional campaign.

Fluid Branding is now offering a range of natural desk top promotional items which include Lilliput lawns grass-in-a-can, test-tube flowers that grow in a germinating gel from seed and miniature trees and shrubs.

Able to be clearly branded with corporate message or company logo the natural promotional items are the perfect way to create an interesting and unusual impact, says Fluid Branding director Matt Franks.

There is room for the more traditional items such as pens and diaries but were always looking for something different - something that really grabs attention, he says.

We think Lilliputian lawns, along with mini shrubs and trees and flowers growing in test tubes, are a sure-fire way to catch the eye providing a strong focus on the brand they display in addition to creating a good and long lasting desk top presence.

The new green lines are the latest additions to an ever growing and interesting portfolio.

There is no doubt that businesses are looking for an increasingly wide and varied number of vehicles to support their marketing initiatives and we are constantly looking to supply them with a range if innovative solutions to meet these needs, added Matt.