When planning a campaign which uses promotional merchandise the products available to organisations are so wide ranging that they could be intimidating. But, while variety won’t limit your campaign, other factors should dictate your choices so that it’s more finely tuned than Ed Sheeran's guitar. Here are some key Dos and Don'ts to help out:

Cornish shipyard and pub sign printing fail

These remarkably similar 'errors' in brand messaging spread internationally, and faster than Poldark's shirt comes off

Don't: Forget to check your artwork

Gaffs like the ones that this luxury yacht shipyard and pub made with their signage can result in international publicity. These images made their way around social media quicker than Poldark’s shirt comes off, but unplanned publicity can’t be controlled and isn’t always good. Check and double check that the branding applied to your products is flawless and that facts like phone numbers are correct. Consider what the branding will look like when the products are in use.

Do: Consider tone

The tone of your brand image - or the direction in which you would like it to go - should influence your choice of promotional products and the message you apply to them. Are you going for something useful, luxury, fun, wacky or corporate? Consider whether the merchandise you want to use is in accordance with what your clients are used to seeing from your brand image. We recommend using humour with care…

Do: Plan your event in advance

Delivery times for promotional goods can vary considerably between products, so be sure to give enough time to get creative with designs, inspect samples and to allow for the goods to be produced and delivered. Allow a few days contingency in case of unforeseen curveballs - particularly if you have gone down the route of bespoke designs.

Do: Know your target market

Relevancy is hugely important in any marketing campaign. Make sure your chosen products are not only the right fit for your brand image, but that they are suitable for the recipients. Mouse mats can make your brand highly visible on an office desk, but probably wouldn’t be the right choice for an affluent elderly demographic which uses tablets far more than desktop pcs.

Aruba and Innocent Drinks use well suited products for their campaigns

Innocent drinks and Aruba Networks have chosen products well suited to their intended use and audience

Don't: Choose style over substance

Yawn, yawn, yawn. We know - everybody talks about the importance of quality - but it is SO important in relation to promotional products! So, you’ve gone for a campaign using great looking products that you hope will be used and seen regularly; but if they quickly or easily break, or the branding starts to wear off, what message does that send to the recipient about your organisation? Don't damage your image with poor quality giveaways.

Don't: Neglect the 'whos', 'whens' and 'wheres'

For your campaign to be a success, your products need to be given to the right people at the right time, and in the right place. How will your product make it into the hands of the recipients? What are the costs of distributing and storing the merchandise? For example, mugs are a very popular choice for their visibility and repeated-use qualities, but they are heavy and fragile to distribute individually by post or courier.

Keep these tips in mind when you're choosing your merchandise will help you make the most of your marketing efforts and spend. If you'd like some guidance with products or artwork - Contact Us -  we'd be delighted to help!

Images: Telegraph CloudLock