Once you have decided on your promotional products, who you are targeting, and what your business objectives are – there’s one crucial decision left to be made. You need to think about how you will distribute your promotional products, as this can have a big impact on the level of awareness and engagement you’ll receive.

Great promotional products will no doubt stick out in your customers’ minds. But they’ll remember you even more if the way they receive the product is creative, innovative and fun as well. So here are some creative ideas on how to get your message across.

Host A Competition

Everyone enjoys a competition. They draw people in and can provide a great opportunity for your business to be creative and show its fun side. You could offer a number of winners a promotional item, and perhaps a few runners-up could get a smaller promo product.

Host a Competition

Competitions are a good way to attract new customers

Competitions are a good way to gain new customers because you attract them through the prospect of an exciting giveaway. And then, of course, your brand benefits because the winner will showcase your promotional product, increasing brand awareness and PR around the giveaway. Also, winning a promotional product will cement it in the mind of a customer more than if he or she was just to receive it in a normal way, and they are likely to feel more grateful.

Use A Rewards Program

Many companies offer loyalty schemes to encourage customers to repeat purchase and reward them for their custom. Of course, this option of distribution depends on the nature of your business. Many coffee shops and restaurants offer a loyalty card to customers so that they will receive their tenth drink or meal for free, or they receive something alongside their purchase. You may want to consider offering a free promotional product after a certain number of purchases.

Use a rewards program

Rewards programs give your customers a reason to keep coming back

People love freebies, and will consider you as a generous and rewarding company, which goes a long way in ensuring loyalty.

Social Media Interaction

Distributing promotional products via social media has many benefits and is subsequently popular among businesses across all industries. Your followers can retweet, share and like your posts, therefore opening you up to new online users and potential customers.

Social Media Interaction

Everyone uses social media - what better medium to get yourselves out there?

There is also a lot of room for you to be creative. Social Media is the best platform to be interactive with your customers and prospects, allowing them to give input and feedback. You could ask customers to come up with a name for a new product, for example, and then reward the best answer with a promotional product. Another option is to link the question or challenge to your brand, its industry or ethics. A fashion company could ask customers to tweet their perfect summer outfit to be in with the chance of winning a promo product, as an example. Or perhaps you could ask customers to send in funny photos that feature a product you sell. This will encourage customers to get creative with your product while spreading the word about it, too. It also means very little work on your side, yet benefitting from high exposure for your brand.

Trade Shows

You might not associate trade shows with providing an opportunity for a creative method of distribution. But a trade show is a common place to distribute promo products because the right people can be there. In this case, it’s not how you distribute, but where.

Trade Shows

Targeted distribution via trade shows can be very useful

As long as you get permission first, you could always use a trade show as the perfect opportunity for a treasure hunt. Hide a few promotional products around the room and hand out cryptic clues to passers-by.

Personalised Distribution

This option might not be suited to your business or what you want to achieve from your promotional products. But if your motto is quality over quantity, it could be a brilliant distribution method.

Personalised Distribution

Who doesn't love an out-of-the-blue freebie?

You could target your most-valued customers, competition winners, celebrities or even bloggers related to your industry, and send them a personalised promotional gift. Alternatively, it could mean sending out a batch of promo products with handwritten, individual letters addressing the customer, or something relating to the time of year. This is a great opportunity to get really creative.

By thinking outside the box and creating an inventive way to distribute your promotional items, you are much more likely to be remembered and talked about. This will increase your brand awareness, hence, rewarding you for your efforts.