What’s really great about USB drives these days is that just when you think you’ve seen them all, along come a dozen more to show you just how wrong you were! Creative really doesn’t come into it as there’s pretty much nothing on Earth that cannot be converted into a USB flash drive with a little bit of imagination.

Of course, personal taste will always be a factor and some examples are more and less desirable than others, but in any and all cases you’ve got to hand it to the folks that came up with the little beauties.

Take the following 22 into consideration, just to scratch the surface:

1 – VW Vehicles

Nobody should have to explain what it is about a VW Bug or Camper that’s cool. And the answer is yes – the headlights really do light up when the stick is in use!

2 – Piggies

More of a USB flash drive hub than a single drive in its own right, you just cannot say that this mummy pig and her three babies are anything less than adorable…also convenient!

3 – Doctors

The perfect USB flash drive for a med student looking to be taken seriously…or perhaps not really.

4 – Michael Myers

For fans of the Halloween movie franchise comes the most un-terrifying incarnation of Michael Myers ever. But then again, you wouldn’t want to hang out with the real one, would you?

5 – Chainsaw

Still on the horror movie theme, this chainsaw looks like it’s been up to no good for sure!

6 – Swiss Army Knife

Hugely versatile 1TB drive, but boy is it expensive!

7 – Whiskey

A mini bottle of Maker’s Mark... enough said.

8 – Puppies

Same as the cute little piggy above, but with puppies this time instead!

9 – Guitar

Cool on its own, amazing with guitar case!

10 – Chanel Lipstick

Conceal your USB weapon in style!

11 – Toaster

One word…amazing!

12 – Lego

That’s right, real Lego…REAL Lego!

13 – False Teeth

There’s just no accounting for taste...

14 – Minions

Minions rule…that’s pretty much that!

15 – Ice Cream

Cool in more ways than one, a seriously sweet USB stick.

16 – Micro SD Reader

Ultra-versatile and it couldn’t look cooler.

17 – USB with Screen

Brilliant – find out what’s on the stick without plugging it in!

18 – Skeleton

He’s cool, but the way he holds his own head is just awesome!

19 – Camera Lens

The must-have USB for shutterbugs.

20 – Cork and Bottle

It’s just a brilliant idea and so elegant.

21 – Sushi

Still the most fashionable food on Earth – also a stylish USB drive.

22 – Camera Film

Retro as it gets – chances are you’ve not seen one of these for a while!

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