When it comes to business, marketing is one of the most important aspects to its success. And with great marketing comes great promotional products and innovative ways of getting them to the customer. Well thought-out promotional products with creative marketing campaigns behind them that appeal to your customers are one of the best ways to stand out from the competition.

If you’re thinking of reaching out to existing and potential customers with promotional products, here are some great examples of companies that have used promotional products to inspire you.

Time magazine

Time magazine teamed up with promotional goods company Fluid Branding to develop a promotional bespoke calendar showing the magazine throughout its history, up to the present day. The calendar was targeted at current subscribers of the magazine to incentivise them to refer new subscribers.

Time Magazine Calendars

Time Magazine Calendars by Fluid Branding

The calendar was lightweight so that it could easily be shipped to subscribers, but it was important that it was also of good quality and aesthetically appealing to customers. All of the 2,500 calendars were printed in the UK to be kind to the environment and support UK business. The calendar has helped Time magazine to substantially progress their referrals campaign.

Nintendo of America

Nintendo of America wanted to launch a promotional product to help with the post-launch marketing and branding of a new Wii game system.

Its new system was a hand-held remote that allowed players to interact wirelessly with their game screen. The promotional product, a keyring, reflected the system’s difference amongst competitors by having a flashlight that replicated that of the new Nintendo remote.

The Nintendo Wii Keyring Torch

The Nintendo Wii Keyring Torch

The keyring was promoted on Nintendo websites as a free gift for any new subscribers to the Nintendo Power Magazine. The news quickly spread around online and there was a significant increase in magazine subscriptions. You can find these Nintedo keyrings for sale on eBay.


Another example from Fluid Branding, Glenfiddich whiskey brand wanted a bespoke promotional product that would act as a point of difference when the product appeared on retail shelves. The brand wanted to attract a new audience while still appealing to existing customers, and distinguish itself from competitors.

The promotional product, a two-piece memory stick, was very unique to Glenfiddich. They were crafted from staves taken from the oak barrels used to distil the whiskey. They were also engraved with the Glenfiddich brand details.

Glenfiddich Branded USB Memory Sticks

Glenfiddich Branded USB Memory Sticks

The memory sticks also contained a movie file showing the history and tradition of the Glenfiddich brand. Two worlds came together to create a product that existing customers loved and new customers were intrigued by – the heritage of Glenfiddich and the modernity of technology. Glenfiddich is proof that adding thoughtful details personal to the brand, and taking into consideration both new and existing customers, really pays off.


Novocortex are a Dutch marketing agency who made promotional stickers on behalf of a car insurance client of theirs. The stickers were no ordinary promotional stickers, however, because they were made to look exactly like scratches. Novocortex stuck them on cars in car parks so that owners thought that their car had been scratched by another car.

Novocortex Promotional Car Stickers

Novocortex Promotional Car Stickers, forcing the public to take a closer look...

On closer inspection, the stickers were printed with information about the insurance company and reassurance that their car was okay. Stickers were also given away for people to play pranks on their friends and family, while also promoting the brand. This example shows that promotional products can be fun while reminding customers why their company is important.


In 2009, cat and dog food company Iams used promotional plastic frisbees in the shape and design of 10 kg weights to get the message across to customers that its dog food makes dogs stronger. The frisbees were then distributed in popular dog exercising areas in local parks. A simple, tongue-in-cheek way to use promotional products.

Iams Promotional Frisbies

Iams Promotional Frisbies

Innocent Drinks

Innocent Drinks have been running a very successful campaign that uses promotional products with a bit of a twist. Working with Age UK, they bring out smoothies with knitted hats on top in winter. 25p from every drink sold goes to Age UK, and as well as being for a good cause it is a novelty item that captures the customer’s attention on the shelves.

Innocent Drinks helping Age UK by keeping warm for the winter

Innocent Drinks helping Age UK by keeping warm for the winter