A great number of our customers, employees and readers are in the midst of preparing to send their kids back to school after the summer holidays. Whether they are gearing up for a new school or simply another academic year, it's best for them to be prepared in advance.

With this in mind and given that the best promotional giveaways will help your clients in their everyday lives too, we've prepared this guide to ensuring you provide them with the items they will be looking for.

Coloured Pencils

Stationery and Pencil Cases

Pencil Cases     |     Pens & Pencils     |     Calculators     |     Stationery e.g. Rubber / Rulers

The choice of pencil cases will largely be defined by the age of their child and the subjects they are studying. For example, a child studying art and design subjects is likely to need additional pens, pencils and rulers and, as a result, will favour a larger pencil case. Many other subjects will simply require a few pens and, in this instance, a smaller case would be more appropriate.

Choose well for your customers and in turn they will be able to make the right choices for their kids. It may also be worth considering whether or not you want to provide additional items, such as branded calculators, or simply provide the case to store extra items in.

Bags, Bottles and Lunch Boxes

Branded Bags and Bottles

Backpacks     |     Laptop bags     |     Swim & gym bags     |     Lunch boxes

A school bag is almost as much of a school-days icon as the pencil case. A well-selected backpack will have space for folders, books, a drinks bottle on the side and, preferably, additional items.

When you are providing promotional merchandise, it is important to consider what will be most useful to your clients and their children. If your customer demographics suggest they are more likely to enjoy sports, a well-selected gym or swim bag is a strong contender. Alternatively, if your research suggests technology is a strong driver for your customers, a backpack with a suitable laptop carrier or even a specific laptop bag will offer the best value for money for both you and your clients.

Other Items

Additional Items

Pads of paper    |    Folders / clipboards    |    Bookmarks & keyrings    |    Umbrellas    |    Caps, coats & clothing

The more specific you can be about the makeup of your clients, their kids and the schools they attend, the more likely you are to provide the specific items that will appeal to them. The key to any good promotional giveaway is to select the most suitable items for a large audience, who will then make use of them in everyday life.

If you can get this right, you will be regularly reminding your prospects and those around them of your brand. This means they will consider your company as a viable option if and when they need products and services like yours.

An item such as a bookmark can stay with a child through to adulthood and for an avid reader this could represent a small but significant gift to the right person. You could also sponsor book-related events at local schools, which would solidify the association between your brand and a positive learning experience.

If you can ensure that you are helping to provide people with useful items that they can use regularly, at the very least you are adding value to their lives and associating your brand name with a sense of positivity.