Hot Product Predictions for 2015
Do you want to know what's going to be hot for 2015?

We've put together our top five to watch this year...
1. Power Banks

With the massive increase in popularity of smart phones and tablets, reduced battery life inevitably follows!

Powerbanks are the perfect solution providing a portable charging solution. Branded with your logo - a perfect way to be remembered.
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2. Water Bottles / Drinks Bottles

The fitness and wellbeing trend is going nowhere in 2015. What better way to reflect this than a branded water bottle!?

They're practical, portable, re-usable, and used in all activities from Athletics to Zumba - meaning maximum exposure for you!
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Water Bottles
3. Note Books

The 'creative choice' (more here), the Moleskine hard-backed notebook trend that emerged last year shows no signs of dwindling - with more colours and ways to brand becoming available.

A neat and portable way of keeping track of your ideas and doodles - and a great conference product!
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4. Promotional Clothing

Once it was a t-shirt and maybe a sweatshirt, and that was probably about it. Now, we have a myriad of clothing for you to choose from - from high quality high performance jackets, to these Hoodies - which even have elasticated pocket cords to keep your mobile in place, and a loop in the neck for your headphones!
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Promotional Clothing
Bluetooth & Activity Tracker
5. Wearable Tech

It started with the Google glass and evolved to Fit Bit's and Jawbone Up's...

Wearable Tech looks set to be even more prominent for 2015 and beyond. You can brand this Bluetooth and Activity Tracker with your logo - and it fits in your pocket!
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