Branded Umbrellas
(that won't blow you inside out!)

1. The Spectrum Sport Medium - this handy sized brolly can be customised to suit your brand with 12 different handle colours you really can mix and match! This ladies sized spectrum is made of a tempered carbon steel storm proof frame to ensure you stay the right way up!

2. The Twinbrella - this beauty is built for two - designed in a rectangle shape to allow two people to comfortably walk underneath with other 60 panel colours to choose from, if one of these don't suit your brand we can pantone match!

3. Finally the Fibrestorm - Storm proof by name storm proof by nature! With it's light weight fibreglass frame it is a perfect protector to battle the British weather! Again with 50+ stock colours and a dye sub option to any colour in the spectrum, when it comes to customisation you really can go to town!  

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