Amy Martin, Sales Manager at Fluid Branding

Our very own Amy Martin went along to the PSI Show in Düsseldorf - the leading European Trade Show for businesses in promotional industries - earlier this year. Let's see what she found...

After a four hour car journey from Cornwall, arriving at Heathrow, and an hour's flight, I arrived in Düsseldorf. It was approximately -1°C when I arrived, so I was freezing - and very glad to check into the Hotel Melia. My first night consisted of experiencing a selection of German food and wine, which I must say was a surprising delight.

Day One at PSI

So, it was my first day at the show - I arrived by tram. I have never been on a tram before so this was exciting to experience. When I got to the show there were thousands of people, and I could now see for myself how massive PSI really is. There were four gigantic halls to get around, I didn't know where to start!

The Entrance to PSI

The entrance to the PSI Show in Düsseldorf

Walking around the show I came across some great stands with an amazing array of products. Meeting new and exciting suppliers was the great part, as this builds relationships and strengthens our offerings to customers.

Power Banks are one of the hot products of the moment and we are always looking for new models. I was lucky to have come across a new Power Bank in the promotional market that allows you to display a moving message across the Power Bank - very cool!

Cool new Power Banks at the PSI Show

A couple of stand-out new Power Banks featured at the PSI Show this year...

I also came across a bespoke Power Bank made out of PVC, a bespoke lorry. Bespoke items are becoming very popular so I hope that I can pitch these ideas to some of my clients.

When you think you have seen a large range of colours in the ever popular Twist USB. I found a stand that had a massive range of colours. If you can imagine a colour they had it!

Coloured Twist USB Flash Drives

A massive array of coloured Twist USB Flash Drives

After the show we were invited to a supplier dinner which was a traditional German buffet. I was impressed! The buffet included Bratwurst (sausage), Sputzle (noodles), Knodel (potato dumpling), Saurkraut (fermented cabbage) and Schweinenbraten (roast pork). This was all washed down with a lot of beer and wine, so I couldn't really complain about it being a long day at the show!

Day Two at PSI

So it's already day two of the show and I still have two halls to go - we better get going!

Today I came across two new technology items. I wanted both, which is a good sign! The first was an App Robot, which is a state of the art, app controlled robot. Including re-chargeable 2200mAh / 7.4V battery. A full charge lets you enjoy your robot up to 50 minutes.

App Controlled Robot

This state-of-the-art App Controlled Robot was a real crowd pleaser!

This is such a fun product and the dance routine put together was very amusing. Take a look here and see for yourself...

The second product were Virtual Reality Glasses. You download any free VR movie from Google Play or App store and enjoy them in virtual reality on your mobile device. This was great to try out and I can see these going far this year with the way that technology is evolving.

Virtual Reality Goggles

Amy tries out the Virtual Reality Goggles...

You can check out a budget version of this great product - available now - right here on our website.

Some of the stands used their own promotional products as decoration. I went to one stand who used their own promotional pens to make a lamp shade. How inventive!?

Promotional Pen Lampshade

Promotional Pens - also make great lampshades...?

I was nearly heading to the end of my last day when I came across a company that produce mail-able coffee and tea packs. A free sample of coffee was exactly what I needed at this moment. These packs are a great mailing idea - we could definitely start mailing these out to our clients. There were a variety of teas and fresh ground coffees to choose from to suit everyone's tastes.

Mailable Tea and Coffee

Mailable tea and coffee - what a great idea!

For our final evening in Germany we were taken to a German brewery where we experienced more delicious German food and this time even a couple of shots! Woo Hoo!

I had been very excited to go to this show from the day I was asked to attend. I didn't know what to expect but the show really exceeded my expectations. The stands were phenomenal with a massive array of products.

If I have the chance to go again, this would definitely be a show I would like to attend! PSI - I hope to see you next year. PSI 2016. What a show...

Love Amy x

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